WWE 2K23 Guide – Everything You Need to Know About the MyFaction Mode

A full guide on MyFaction mode in WWE 2K23.

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Since last year, the MyFaction mode has become quite popular, so much so that it’s made a comeback in WWE 2K23. There are more things to do than ever before, which can be quite taxing on new players. Building the best Faction is challenging, and if you want to win games, you’ll have to put in quite an effort in order to draft the ideal team. Fortunately for you, we’ve put together this guide to help you build the best MyFaction team possible at any given time. Let’s begin!

List of all WWE 2K23 MyFaction Modes

Like before, WWE 2K23 MyFaction has the following modes, all of which will be explained in detail:

1. Weekly Towers – The game mode comprises weekly matches. You’ll have the option to play up to five matches per week, and winning each match earns you points. The reward that you receive depends on the total points you’ve managed to accumulate at the end of each week. You’ll need at least 15 points to qualify for the minimum reward, and the maximum reward is worth 90 points.

2. Faction Wars – Faction Wars consists of 4v4 tag team matches. The reward pool consists of card packs, tokens, MyFaction points, and cosmetics. Here is a breakdown of all the rewards:

No. of Wins RequiredRewards (only one from the list)
0-50 (every win)MyFaction Points, cosmetics, tokens, wrestler cards,cards, and card packs
50-98 (every 2 wins after 50)MyFaction Points, cosmetics, tokens, wrestler cards,cards, and card packs
98-100 (every 3 wins after 98)MyFaction Points, cosmetics, tokens, wrestler cards,cards, and card packs

Note that you’ll stop receiving rewards after the 101st win. Everything other than the wrestler cards is permanent. The cards expire after a month.

3. Proving Grounds – This mode is all about chapters. In order to win the Epic 90 Medal Reward (one for every chapter), you’ll have to earn 90 MyFaction Points on the Legend difficulty. Last year’s entry saw more chapters added later, so keep an eye out for more content later, especially as more paid DLC releases. Here is the list of chapters available for now:

  • Genesis
  • Made
  • Ascension
  • Main Event Mayhem
  • Hall of Immortals

4. Quick Play – Play against other players in a 1v1 match. Simple and straightforward, and geared towards those who want to play quick matches.

5. Live Events – These are limited-time events that disappear after the timer expires. Each event usually grants 100 MyFaction Points and one player card.

How to excel at Proving Grounds in MyFaction WWE 2K23

Proving Grounds is one of the toughest modes in WWE 2K23. There are a lot of stages and points involved, so let’s get started with the explanation.

1. As you read before, there are a total of 5 chapters, and each of the chapters has 6 towers. In order to complete a tower, you’ll have to play 5 matches. So, you’ll have to play a total of 30 matches per chapter in order to win a card at each chapter.

2. There are three difficulties, and winning in each earns you the following number of medals: Normal (1 medal), Hard (2 medals), and Legend (3 medals).

3. In order to win a card in a chapter, you’ll have to earn 90 points, which means you’ll have to win each match on the Legendary difficulty.

3. The matches can range between Falls Count Anywhere, Ladder, Handicap and even Tag team matches.

4. The legendary difficulty is no joke, as the AI will always try to counter your every move. The biggest advantage you can give yourself is to train your reflexes differently. Here are a few other things you can try out to increase your chances of winning on Legend:

  • Increase your odds of winning in the Legend difficulty by using Amethyst and Ruby cards.
  • Stop the AI from spamming moves when you’re grounded by toggling on the Auto-Reversal for Grounded Attacks setting.
  • Stop relying on the muscle memory and practiced movements that you’re used to in easy mode. Switch up your moves and only use Finishers or Signature after stunning the opponent.

5. Here is a list of all the cards in the game that are currently available as rewards in every chapter:

Player CardChapter
Sapphire 77 OVR Tyler BateChapter 1
Sapphire 77 OVER Alexa BlissChapter 2
Sapphire 78 OVR Roman ReignsChapter 3
Ruby 82 OVR Ronda RouseyChapter 4
Ruby 82 OVR The RockChapter 5

Weekly Tower Matches Explained

1. Weekly Tower matches are much less intensive since they only contain briefcase challenges. Moreover, Faction Wars and Proving grounds have much higher skill ceilings. You won’t be able to get far without high level cards. Comparatively, Weekly Towers offers a much more relaxed experience.

2. Every tower comprises 5 matches, where the first two require only 15 MyFaction Points to win. The later matches will require more points (up to 90).

3. Even though the game mode has severely limited rewards, it still offers a decent way to farm wrestler cards in the game.

MyFaction WWE 2K23 Card Tiers Explained

  • Every wrestler card in WWE 2K23 is categorized into different tiers/rarities. A higher rarity card comes with a better stat line and will always outperform any lower rarity card.
  • Similarly each rarity is accompanied by a specific amount of contracts when you first obtain them.
  • Contracts are consumed when you have a wrestler equipped during a match. The wrestler may not even take part in the match directly. But if they are on the team, a contract will be deducted. Here is a list of all the rarities along with their pre-loaded number of contracts:
Pink Diamond1
  • ●       Once you run out of contracts you can get more from daily login rewards, lifetime challenges, consumable packs, and briefcase rewards. You can also buy them directly with VC and MyFaction Points.

WWE 2K23 Evolution Cards Explained

Evolution cards are special cards that are capable of evolving to the next tier, provided you meet the requirements to do so. There are usually three objectives in each tier, for instance, in order to evolve John Cena from a Gold to Ruby, you’ll have to:

  • Successfully hit 50 grab attacks.
  • Damage 10 torsos that are in the red.
  • ●       Successfully hit 75 heavy attacks.

How to get EVO cards for MyFaction

  • You’ll receive the John Cena evolution card if you pre-ordered the Deluxe or Icon editions of WWE 2K23.
  • Even if you haven’t pre-ordered the game, you can obtain evo cards from the starter packs. Every starter pack guarantees two cards. Here is the list:
NXTRoxanne Perez Bron Breakker
SmackDownLiv Morgan and Drew Mclntyre
RAWBianca Belair, Matt Riddle

Locker Codes for WWE 2K23 MyFaction

If you’re a fan of the WWE franchise, then you’re no stranger to the ocean of rewards and cards that can be earned in the game. There is a lot of grind involved that often leads to frequent player burnouts (irrelevant). Some free rewards now and then are greatly appreciated, and in this section, we’ll be sharing the locker codes that contain a bunch of such goodies.

1. AUSTIN316ESB – Emerald Steve Austin Card (Exclusive).

2. EVENSTRONGER23 – 3x Superstar Series 1 Packs, 3,000x MyFaction Points.

3. NEWDAYROCKS – Manager Series Emerald Xavier Woods.

4. UPUPDOWNDOWN – Manager Series Emerald Tyler Breeze.

5. WWE2K23MANIA –  2x Superstar Series 1 Packs, 1x WrestleMania Deluxe Pack, 3,000x MyFaction Points.

If you’re having trouble redeeming the codes, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Open MyFaction and select Locker Codes.
  • ●       Type in the code and select redeem to receive your rewards.

How to earn the most points in WWE 2K23

In order to earn the most points in MyFaction, you’ll have to play all five different game modes. The number of points from every game mode varies, but the best way to earn points so far is via Faction Wars. That’s because it is a 4v4 tag team game mode, which makes it difficult for the opponent to score a quick victory over your team. You’ll have more time to strategize and wear out your opponents. However, don’t take too long, as the fatigue can also backfire on your team.

How to win matches more consistently in WWE 2K23

The quickest way to win matches in Faction Wars is via submissions. There are cases where players have even reported winning matches in under 10 to 15 seconds (just long enough for the opponent to tap out). Here is what you need to do in order to score similar victories:

1. Pick a wrestler with a high submission rating.

2. As you enter the ring, lock the player into submission. You’ll have to quickly smash the submission button.

3. Sometimes the enemy is able to break up the submission. If it happens too often, then fight for 1 to 2 minutes before attempting another submission. This makes it much easier to hold them down and also prevents the opponent from breaking the lock.

4. Sometimes your teammates will also prevent the opponent from breaking your submission hold by proactively knocking them off the apron. You can also knock them off the apron yourself before initiating a submission hold. There are lots of ways to go about executing the submission. You’ll just have to figure out which one works best for your playstyle.

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