Xenoblade Chronicles X Mega Guide: Classes, Field Skills, Tips And Tricks

A complete guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X .

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Nintendo’s big game for the Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles X is now finally available and we have a complete guide for the same. In this guide we have covered all you wanted to know about combat, soul voices, party members, location information, miscellaneous tips and tricks, upgrading field skills, data probes and their stats, multiplayer details, class guide and collectopedia.


When starting Xenoblade Chronicles X, finding higher level enemies is easy enough. But remember: DO NOT ENGAGE THEM! Your entire party will be obliterated in a matter of seconds if you attempt this too early. Take it slow and start with the little guys first.be sure to take it slow. Enemies start out pretty simple to take down. Just remember to use the main attack for fast hits. For the secondary attack, look to the bottom of the controller screen to access it.

Soul Voices:

Soul Voice is a dialog that starts a secondary aid when engaged in battle which causes extra massive attack damage. Determining which dialog you choose, certain perks will become available: extra damage, stagger, faster cool down, etc.

Pro tip: Don’t get bogged down by trying too hard to choose which dialog you think will work best. Usually the best answer is the one to go with!


There are a total of 18 different character to choose from in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Each party member carries two Arts that will be addable to your battle system. Arts can be added during battles as well.

Pro tip: Working with new characters is key! It will create more Affinity which will increase your bond with each one.

Acquiring Location Information:

Side quests are big in this game and often scattered throughout the five continents within the game. Make sure to talk with EVERYONE you run across. They may have pertinent information that can help guide you further along with those side quests: such as locations and places of interest. Some of these NPCs can also give clues on how to kill certain enemies.

Quick Tips:

Easy Skell Damage: Running into an enemy will cause the skells to damage it. This in turn will cause a battle to erupt.

Skell Tip: When you use Skell also have on hand a G-Buster weapon. This will allow you to Bind even the deadliest enemies in the game.

Morale: Keeping this high will allow your party to work more adequately together. In turn, this will allow for a chance to start Soul Voices along with extra TP.

Ugly Armors: There are some ugly armors with great stats! Want to rid yourself of the ugliness, though? Easy! Find a piece of armor you deem more eye-pleasing. Create new armor and all the same stats will carry over from the more powerful to the ugly gear.

Data Probes and Data Probe Stats:

Throughout the five continents of Mira are mining fields where you can place Data Probes. These will unlock a few different features such as: Fast travel. More importantly these will help create a flow of Miranium and Credits. It only takes one step: Set a Data Probe within a mine, go off and enjoy the game and money will come in every so often during a certain repeated period of time.

Data Probe locations each have its own stats. A chart will show if the mine is rich in resources or not. And don’t forget that you can switch probes around whenever.

Mining Probes: These allow for more Miranium production.

Research Probe: These are money gaining production probes.

Linking Probes: Some Probe locations can be linked together increasing revenue faster. However, the bonus of chaining these Probes is that they max out at 80% at 8 linked together. So don’t over link.

Upgrading Field Skills

The first thing you must know are the Field skills: Mechanical, Biology and Archaeology. Each one must be leveled up separately, but focus on Mechanical until you get it to level 3. That will allow you to plant probes in Primordia.

Becoming a Blade Member to its fullest extent is your first priority when trying to upgrade Field Skills, and then you must gain access to the Blade Barracks. The person you must then talk to about upgrading skills is Elronora in the Blade Barracks. You will also need to level up Blade rank to obtain access to more expansive Field skill upgrades.

Blade Skill upgrades are granted by killing, damaged Skells, looting crystals, artifacts and questing. With each upgrade you will then be allowed to level up a Field skill.

Multiplayer Quick Tips

Squads: While connected online in Xenoblade Chronicles X you can be apart of a 32 player squad. Here are the options:

Lifehold: Recommended for those who pretty much want to ignore the online features and do as they’d please.

Conquest: Helping out the members online to accomplish goals.

Friends: This obviously allows you to link up with online friends and be in the same Squad and gametype they are in.

Messages can be sent and seen amongst Squad members as well. Squad Missions can be played with up to three other members but only when at least one Squad Task is complete. Tasks and Missions can be viewed at the Network Console in the Blade Barracks.


Classes are how your character performs in battles and on the field. Each has a pro and con. After experiencing your class up to level 10, more choices become available for your character(s). Choose according to how you’d like your adventure to go:


Winged Viper:

First progression from Commando. Greatly increases damage dealt. Bonuses will remain in melee accuracy, ranged accuracy, and evasion.
Skill slots: 3

Bastion Warrior:

This is the advanced Shield Trooper class. It will increase resistance and add defense. Bonuses for this are melee attacks.
Skill slots: 4

Full Metal Jaguar:

This is the advanced Winged Viper class. New offensive Arts. Bonuses for this are melee accuracy and evasion.
Skill slots: 4

Astral Crusader:

This is the advanced Partisan Eagle class. It focuses on ranged attacks. Bonuses for this are ranged attacks and accuracy.
Skill slots: 4


This is the advance Psycorrupter class. It will grant ally support Arts in enemy debuffs. Bonuses for this are ranged attacks and potential.
Skill slots: 4

Galactic Knight:

This is the advanced Blast Fencer class. Recovery Arts are granted and it has an even amount of offense and defense. Bonuses for this are increases in melee and ranged attacks.
Skill slots: 4

Striker Class:

Select this class for up close melee attack styles. Attack power and HP bonus are increased after each encounter. Weapons for this class are longsword and assault rifles.

Skill slots: 1


This class will be taught maneuvering abilities and will allow you to carry dual swords and guns. Upgrades for this class will gain accuracy and evasion techniques. This class can also gain a range of different actions and playstyles.
Skill slots: 2


The supporter class. Enforcers have the weakest weapons and physical attacks. You will only be able to choose a Raygun and Knife. This class is designed to make sure your party survives attacks, not be a first responder in them.
Skill slots: 2


A starter class with Arts.
Skill slots: 5

Samurai Gunner:

First progression from Striker class. There are a variety of offensive and defensive Arts available. Bonuses are granted for HP.
Skill slots: 2

Shield Trooper:

Second progression option from Striker class. It is best on defense and offers newer weapons.
Skill slots: 3

Partisan Eagle:

Second progression from Commando. Designed for ranged attacks. Bonus for this are ranged power.
Skill slots: 3


First progression option for Enforcer. Debuff enemies in a breeze. Bonus for this are ranged attack.
Skill slots: 3

Blast Fencer:

Second progression option for Enforcer. Balanced in offense and defense with newer weapons. Bonuses go for ranged attacks.
Skill slots: 3


This is the advanced Samurai Gunner class. Designed for offense. Bonuses for this are HP and melee attacks.
Skill slots: 3



The Collectopedia does exactly what it sounds like it does: collects collectables. Visiting each of the five continents will allow you to look into the Collectopedia and determine which collectable is the rarest. Collecting every item in rows, you’ll gain bonus rewards such as extra weapons and/or armors.

Blue Gems: These collectables are important items that will greatly help in Affinity missions. Blue gems will help finish up a lot of missions in the game very easily which will allow other characters to join the party right away instead of having to work really hard and grind for their trust.

Don’t worry if you miss something, you can always go back later on.

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