Xenoblade Chronicles X Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Xenoblade Chronicles X


Monolith Soft

Wii U

Genre:Role Playing

Release Date:TBA

Xenoblade Chronicles X is an upcoming and highly anticipated Japanese Action RPG that is currently being developed by Monolith Soft who previously worked on the XenoSaga series, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Project X Zone. Nintendo’s second production group, part of Nintendo SPD (software planning and development), also have a hand in developing the game.

Set to be published by Nintendo, the game is being developed exclusively for the Wii U. At the time of writing, Xenoblade Chronicles X is slated for release in Japan on April 29th of 2015. Though there is no specific release date for North America, Europe or Australia outside of a 2015 release window.

When Xenoblade Chronicles X does launch, it will be available at retail and via digital download by way of the Nintendo eShop.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X was expected to be in development long before the game was officially announced to the public at large. This conclusion is drawn, in part, from the previous efforts of North American gamers to get the game released in their territory.

When the was first revealed to the general public, it was shown off by way of a Nintendo Direct event that was hosted in January of 2013 where it was going under the working title of “X”.

Though largely silent at first, it was one year later that the game surfaced at E3 once again, this time under the title Xenoblade Chronicles X.

It was at this time that the game was announced to have received a setback in regards to its release schedule, now no longer aiming for a 2014 release window the game was instead slated for release in 2015. It was also announced that the game was in fact not a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles which appeared on Wii and is soon to be ported exclusively to the New 3DS. Despite being named in a similar manner the game is instead a spiritual successor to Xenoblade Chronicles X. Though expected to be very similar to its predecessor, it will contain a similar real time battle system and questing system.

It was in late 2014, some time in November, that Monolith Soft released a comment saying that the game had reached it’s final stage of the development cycle and that morale was high within the team. The game was given it’s Japanese release date of April 29th 2015, though they were unable to date the game’s release in PAL regions and North America, instead saying only that the game would be coming in the second half of 2015.

Takahasi has said that he aims to create the largest game world that can be supported for the Wii U. The game is in fact so extensive that at one point in development the developers were considering shipping the game on two discs.

While speaking about the Monolith Soft teams desires and motivations regarding their next project in a post Xenoblade environment, Michihiko Inaba has said, “I’d like to make an HD game that will wow the players. I want to show that Japan can still keep up with the USA when it comes to next gen technology. Our goal is to become something like the developers of the Fallout series, Bethesda Softworks”.

On December 4th of 2014, the Monolith Soft president, co-founder, and Xenoblade series director Tetsuya Takahashi took to Twitter, saying that after 15 years of working with Monolith Soft, he had finally achieved his personal goal, he said “15 years have passed since Monolith was founded, and I believe that with this game I have finally met the challenge I had within me, of creating an RPG in which humans and robots can co-exist.”


xenoblade chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles X hasn’t been released just yet, but this what we know about the game thus far. Keep in mind that this game is not a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles and is instead a spiritual sequel.

The story starts in the year 2054. In the deep reaches of space, though perilously close to earth, two warring Alien factions have engaged each other in battle. Such is the scale of this conflict, Earth suffers significant collateral damage, simply by being nearby.

Sensing the imminent catastrophic destruction of planet Earth, a mass exodus is planned and the inhabitants of Earth decide to leave their home. They evacuate Earth on massive Ark like ships to escape the oncoming destruction.

This is where the story begins, following the American evacuee Ark ship, the White Whale. The ship crash lands on the surface of Planet Mira and from there, the survivors endeavour to find a new life on this planet despite having been pursued by one of the hostile Alien factions.


xenoblade chronicles

The gameplay in Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to be very similar to that of Xenoblade Chronicles and will retain its open world role playing game roots. There will be a stronger emphasis of exploration this time around though.

Exploration can happen on foot or using mechs called “Dolls”. Dolls are large humanoid robots that humans can pilot to aid in exploration and even in combat as some Dolls can fly, go underwater and even transform into tank-like vehicles. The Dolls stand roughly four times the pilot’s height.

While playing the main game, the player will be searching for Stasis Pods that the White Whale jettisoned during the crash landing. You will also be expanding the Frontier Net  by distributing data probes at key points across planet Mira.


xenoblade chronicles

  • Cross – Cross is the name of the protagonist by default before customisation.
  • Elma – Elma is a BLADE (Beyond the Logos Artificial Destiny Emancipator) Captain tasked with locating Stasis Pods.
  • Lynlee Ku – Lynlee is a skilled engineer that works on the Dolls.
  • Tatsu – Tatsu is a Nopon (small fuzzy creatures) native of Planet Mira.
  • Irina – Irina is a tomboyish, protective and loyal BLADE member that idolizes Elma.
  • Lao – Lao is a Path Finder and a BLADE team leader.
  • Douglas – Douglas is a BLADE member and expert Doll pilot.
  • Guin – Guin is an honest BLADE member with a strong sense of justice.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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