1 TB PS4 To Cost £349.99, 500 GB Model Possibly Receiving Price Cut In UK

This announcement makes it easier on the wallet.

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If you were planning to purchase a PlayStation 4, then this piece of news is bound to make your decision a whole lot easier, as the 1 TB Player Edition PlayStation 4 will be up for grabs at only £349.99 when it goes on the shelves in the UK. Of course Sony is still yet to announce an official price cut. But it seems pretty certain at this point that they will make the announcement pretty soon as the Xbox One 1 TB unit went on sale for £349.99, and the 500GB units cut to £299.99.

Interestingly enough Amazon list the console’s price at £349.99, but it is noteworthy to point out that Shopto is selling it for a slightly cheaper price at £339.85, and Gamestop is selling it for just £289.97.With this announcement, this could also mean that the 500 GB console could be getting a price cut as well, as the 500 GB PlayStation 4 costs £349.99.

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  • Terminator

    Oh I though the 1TB Xbox One was going for $399. Well things should get interesting for those with a low budget.

    • Starman

      And a game , with xb1 … troll much …????
      and once again , “monkey see , monkey do … Sony doesn’t have a leg to stand on with their retro system …

    • andre

      Really? So you think that upgrading the Hard Disk is an innovation from MS? Moreover, how come the PS4 is the retro system when XOne is the console incapable of doing 1080p? Oh, I know, they chose 900p because it’s innovative.

    • Terminator

      Incapable of doing 1080p? Chose 900p? Your “facts” are as d*mb as your comments.

    • andre

      You fanboys are so funny. Know nothing about anything and try to pose as experts. Go check the XOne resolution for Batman… and Dragon Age… and COD… and the list goes on and on, even Dead Rising which is exclusive is 720p.

    • Terminator

      Xbox One games that run at 1080p
      WWE 2k15
      Wolfenstein: The New Order
      Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
      The Crew
      The Amazing Spiderman
      Sniper Elite 3
      Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
      Skylanders: Swap Force
      Project Cars
      Need for Speed Rivals
      NBA 2K14
      Murder: Soul Suspect
      Kinect Sport Rivals
      Halo: The Master Chief Collection
      Halo Spartan
      Grand Theft Auto V
      Forza Motorsport 5
      Forza Horizon 2
      FIFA 14
      FIFA 15
      Dying Light
      Diable III: Reaper of Souls
      Alien Isolation
      (Other games that can or will be 1080p)
      Fallout 4
      Halo 5
      Forza 6
      Quantum Break
      Gears of War
      and many others
      The list can be missing some games but the Xbox One IS capable of doing 1080p. Yes it has done 720p (at the start not anymore) and 900p but its far from incapable of doing 1080p.

    • andre

      Again, Starman was calling the PS4 the “retro” console. I answered back to him but you still insist in buying his fight.

      But if you insist, any console can do 1080p, but with comparable content, the PS4 does 1080p and the XOne doesn’t.

    • Kinect

      You mean like how Microsoft coppied Sony’s “Remote Play”, screenshots, PS+, activity feed, 3.5mm headphone jack, remote purchases, trophy rarity, and bunch more.

    • Terminator

      Wait are you saying Sony was the first to invent everything you just posted? Please tell me more.

    • andre

      Wait a second. Your original post was good, but now you are creating fuzz over the replies to another user. Are you one of those guys paid to post in forums to grow the number of comments?

    • Terminator

      I got a reply so I came back to the article. Then saw this stup*d comment about one company copying another, not only that but the comment is from a guy I know already who makes the most fanboyish comments out there. HE makes it seems as if Sony was the first to implement such features.

    • *Also On PC

      All of which were standard on PC years before the POS4

      How outdated is your 2010 APU console?

  • *Also On PC

    Still overpriced and with no games. How embarrassing

  • Devon Day

    My goodness. Just goes to show you how competitive the UK is in terms if pricing.

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