10 Amazing PS4 Logo Concepts That Sony Could Draw Inspiration From

Creative minds at work.

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The PS4 will be announced on February 20 by Sony, and it’s clear that we probably won’t get to know about the pricing or the name of the console. These things will probably be announced at E3. But the official logo should be revealed at the event. 99designs have held a creative contest for PS4 logo and they have received plenty of entries so far.

There’s a price money as well of $500, and there have been tons of logos and here’s the best ones so far. Most of these logos are extremely creative and considering the price money on offer, it’s not a surprise a lot of people have created outstanding designs. Here are 10 PS4 logos we think Sony could draw inspiration from.

Which one do you find the most exciting? Let us know in the comments section below.

Click the images for the larger version.

playstation 4 logo 4

playstation 4 logo 5

ps4 logo 1

ps4 logo 2

ps4 logo 3

ps4 logo 4

ps4 logo 5

playstation 4 logo 1

playstation 4 logo 2

playstation 4 logo 3

Via: 99Designs.

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  • David

    Is it me, or do most of these look like TV station logos instead of game console ones?

  • SUdevelopersCK

    I LOVE the Fantastic 4 conept!!!

  • only picture 5 looks best, rest of them felt like inspiration from other famous logos.
    second picture is actually nice but feels old, feels like PS2 but next gen.

    • picture 5 looks like a variation of the fantastic 4 logo from the movie.

  • Love the 5th and the 8th best

  • Mitchings

    I entered the 99designs contest which these are from and now it’s been shortlisted to 8 designs in a poll which are simply not “PlayStation”; they don’t fit, they don’t work; and many are just plain awful, .

    My design may not be the most original in its aesthetic as it’s a modified vector of the PS Vita logo, but it fits, it works, it does the job it needs to do and its raw silhouette form it still works without all the fancy backgrounds, gradients, drop shadows, colours and stuff the others need…

    Mine also fits in with a unified brand identity which I feel is very important…

    http://goo.gl/1nfnw / http://i45.tinypic.com/210dffd.png


    I don’t know whether Sony are likely to use ‘PS4’ as four is an unlucky number in Japan as its pronunciation ‘shi’ is the same as death.

    With PlayStation Vita they took a new approach…Vita means “life” in Latin. With my design for the ‘PS4’ I’m going for ‘PlayStation Vivo’, Vivo in Latin means “live”.

    The “iv” in “Vivo” if softly highlighted in the branding could subtly hint at it as the fourth PlayStation home console without saying it outright.


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