10 Amazing Videogame Facts You Don’t Know [PICS]

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3DS Game Manual

3DS Game Manual

A 3DS game manual actually tells you to search for walkthroughs, FAQs and other stuff via you favorite search engine. We all know what that is, right? Yes, Bing. This shows how much far we have come, when the only way to get hints during the golden days was to call the “number” for hints.

We have some amazing pictures from you from the videogames you love that will actually surprise you a lot. These are mostly from the old games like Mario, and some others that you may not have heard. So, we apologize if you cannot recognize some of them, but the names of the games are clearly given to avoid any confusion. Please tell us if you find this interesting or inaccurate, we would love to hear from you! Some of these are simply mind blowing.

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  • Jimothy

    Everything in this article I either knew already, or don’t find interesting. Or false.

  • snakeoiltanker

    this is good lil things to know about some retro games, all these haters need to shut their cocksuckers cuz i think you did fine. them getting mad cuz a dungeon looks like a nazi symbol is not your fault and even if it was a Hindu thing, the game was made after the Nazi version was all america knew, so you not wrong, but you could be, but i doubt Nintendo researched to see if there was a peaceful scapegoat for them to put a symbol of hate in their game

  • Kaiyl_kariashi

    Dumbass, your favorite search engine is just that, your favorite search engine. I personally think Bing is the worst piece of crap on the net.

  • VIRUS45

    u are all crazy it is not a swastika and this articall was relly good your all just mad because u cant see any of it and he/she did not waste your time u could have left it and gone on with your misribell lifes some ware els

  • Tfire

    you didn’t “discover” it, they made it look like a controller on purpose…

  • Dulume

    wow… this was so ridiculously bad. I usually don’t comment when I read a bad article (what’s the point?) but here… if for the sake of writing something you come up with this shit you should probably do something else. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • hadukid

    I want my four minutes back. Nice work putting an entire article together in which not one interesting thing was said.

  • Potter

    Because ya, everyone’s favorite search engine is bing. Not.

  • Ghost

    Ok, I already knew most of these from Did You Know Gaming, so you shouldn’t call it “10 Amazing Videogame Facts You Don’t Know”, since I already knew these. Call it “10 Amazing Video Game Facts You Probably Didn’t Know”. That’s better.

  • lardle

    It is a manji (BAN)

  • Felipe Aguena

    God damn it people, understand this, IT IS a Swastika/Manji BUT Swastikas WERE NOT INVENTED BY THE NAZIS! they were around way before Hitler was even born, it has been used by Buddhists for centuries, in oriental religion you can find a lot of references of Swastikas, it has nothing to do with the Nazi party

  • thepete

    actually the manji is shown in many directions including the one perverted by the nazis it has been used by India Africa and Mesopotamia and many other ancient cultures as a positive sign

  • Wrightfront

    Look, the image can be both a Manji, and a Swastika.
    The Nazis then took the symbol, turned it into a symbol for their own campaigns. The idea for it was that the Swastikia was a “flipped Manji” but over time that got forgotten, so the Swastika was made a two way symbol.

    As a symbol, it is in itself a Manji symbol. Unless it’s specifically the opposite way to which a Manji should be, aka unless it’s close-wise; Since the Manji is anti-clockwise while the Swastika can be both anti-closewise AND clockwise, you should assume it’s supposed to be a Manji unless there’s some reason as to why they would put a Swastika in there.
    That’s the most logical thing, since TYPICALLY, Swastika’s ARE drawn as being clockwise, plus the Manji has been around for thousands of years and therefore is more likely to be what something is trying to reference then something that’s only been around since the middle of the 1900s.

  • Michael Harlow

    !!Mind blowN!!


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