10 Awesome Open World Games From Recent Years

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Many of us were truly sold on the open world genre by Grand Theft Auto 3 but, even though it was the first open world experience many of us truly enjoyed on consoles, there have been a lot of worthy successors to the open world mantle since then. Even within the past few years alone, there have been some true classics. Here are ten such awesome open world games from 2010 to the present day.

In comparison to some of the more serious entries later on this list, Just Cause 2 offers a needed opening away from all things moody and pensive. Granting players the awesome combo of parachute and grappling hook, Just Cause 2 is all about the aerial stunts, with many sections of the game requiring you to leap between vehicles, rather than just stealing your cars outright. Considering how many of the missions required just blowing loads of stuff up, Just Cause 2 also offers a surprisingly rich and enjoyable open world to explore when you're not rampantly destroying it.

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  • fagmaster9000

    No Stalker? What the hell? For shame.

  • FuxYoMomma

    Um…. Fallout? HELLO? Better than any of these.

  • SpdFrk79

    I agree with the previous comment. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are far superior to many of the games on this list. Skyrim (another example of Bethesda’s fine handywork) makes the list, but Fallout doesn’t? Fallout will always be one of the greatest open world games as well as one of my Top 10 Best Games of All Time. I wish Fallout Online could have been finished and finally released. When it was announced that it was killed, it was a truly disappointing moment. Keep on producing Fallout and games like it, Bethesda, and I will continue to be a loyal minion.

  • james

    how bout KOA: reckoning i just beat it and i have to say its just as good if not better than skyrim and im a huge fan of skyrim but its not on there

  • Sparten117man1

    Where The hell is borderlands???!??!?!?/

  • Arkham City at 9? Are you kidding?

    • Meisadragon

      It’s not that open world compared to the rest.

    • GamingBolt

      Ye, when you have Skyrim and Just Cause 2 in the list, other games just boggle down.

  • dada

    where is prototype series?

  • Theangelslayer

    Where is fallout!!?? Omg shame.

  • jason

    fallout sucks ass

    • your mum

      you suck ass and love it

  • teh badassMofo

    skyrim is number 1 by FAR …. wtf is wrong with this website

    • marn

      Skyrim is medicore. The landscape is nice to look at, but the gameplay, quests, writing and dungeon are all sub-par. There are only so many bandit camps and mudcrab wallows yous can complete before you realize how samey it all is. The combat is clunky and boils down to mashing attack as enemies level into thicker damage sponges. That’s the difference between a game like skyrim and a game like JC2. JC2 is just plain fun to play, if you don’t have the driving motivation of seeing new places in Skyrim it’s just a tedious chore, because god knows the quests and characters are miserable two-dimensional questboards.

      The real crime is no Fallout game on the list (either 3 or NV should be there.)

    • YO

      I agree I like Fallout better and the real crime is that bethesda are a bunch of talentless thieves that steal all the great ideas that are placed in their games as the sequels come out. All coming from the people who put the time and effort to create the awesome mods that are released. Time and time again the fans want their ideas implemented in the game and bethesda either deems it too hard or not possible, while real developers make it happen and then taunt the company by saying “not possible?”. The games are fantastic but mainly due to the fans hard work. I used to think they took so long making the game because of the work but it’s because they’re working on 3 or 4 projects at the same time! While working on Skyrim they were also working on 3 other projects (including Fallout San Fran and now they’re also working on a DragonAge type game)! I’d like to see what would happen if they dedicated the supposed 5 years they spent on skyrim ALL ON SKYRIM!

    • Bob

      err there is no “Fallout San Fran”… the most likely setting for fallout 4 is eather new veges, Boston or the common wealth. Also Bethesda does most of the work such as makes the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME… but yeah real shame fallout 3 or nv isint on here

  • Saints row 3 is nothing compared to the second one. It’s nothing compared to anything.

    • CD

      you’re gay, stop taking out your disappointment with the 3rd game. It felt more like a 2.5 in than a real sequel but it’s still better than gta, and to say it’s nothing is your lame ass just taking out your incsecurities with a game that personally disappointed you! I like the game and others do to so spread your bull^*%# somewhere else. You FOOL.

    • GTA is better

      Saints row 3 shoudlnt even be compared to a gta game. Saints row 3 is a rushed piece of boring shit.

  • DJBBear

    where is gta IV??????
    p.s. how the fuck does the “stars” system in the top right corner of the comments work?

    • Meisadragon

      You just click it if you like the article.

  • The truth

    A open world list that gets is not a part of what a shame it’s like a superhero list without superman

  • sad

    Skyrim? That buggy mess, which barely f-ing works, has empty world and like 10 voice actors? Even Oblivion was better. Shit, at least Fallout you could actually beat. And where is Far Cry 2 for example? Or Assassin’s Creed series? And as much as I don’t really love it like some people, what happend to mass effect?

    I mean, media nowadays are stupid and will overhype every crap when they’ve given nice bag of cash.

  • LA Noire and Minecraft but not Oblivion – MINECRAFT – you might as well have included Roblox SHIT what an idiot

  • el greco

    the best i ASSASSINS CREED 3!!

  • SeriouslyBro

    Whoa no Fallout and Dark/Demon Souls, I know DS and DKS arent really open world, but LA Noire over Fallout comn “seriously bro”

  • this is a terrible list.

  • d1rtyj0e

    How could Fallout 3 not be on the list?

  • daniel

    But… Fallout…


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