10 Cruel Pranks In Video Games History

There are some real jokers out there and people who love to mess with others in games, some of them even work for our favorite developers.

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There have been some great pranks in gaming, developers always seem to have a sense of humor, which is a great thing for such a high stress working environment. We see a bunch of jokes or pranks every year around from some of our favorite big-name developers who love to play jokes on one another. On the flip side of it all, most of the gaming community sure has a similar sense of humor. Unfortunately, some of these pranks can be incredibly cruel.

With the popularity of online gaming being what it is today, it seems that the cruelty is expanding and keeping pace with all the new technology, hardware and software. The only real limit at this point is someone’s imagination. Even knowing this though, there is certainly some old classics that will go down in history as some of the nastiest burns in gaming history. Lets take a look at a few of the worst we could find for you.


Plenty of folks have played and love the absolute hell out of Earthbound, most of us though have played it way back on the original SNES, or at the very least an emulator years later. What most of us didn’t have a chance to experience (thankfully,) is the Super Hard Mode version of Earthbound.

The designers built in a little bit of a surprise for folks who managed to get their hands on a non-authentic version of a Super Nintendo. The surprise is that the game becomes incredibly difficult, spawning enemies too fast for the player to handle it. Basically, the game just becomes way too difficult for anyone to actually play. It’s a brilliant idea, really.

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  • MrSatyre

    Could you please hire an editor? This has got to be one of the mostpoor ly written articles in existence. Incorrect punctuation. Fragments of sentences. Incomplete ideas. Missing words.

    • Urbanoutfitter

      Oh shut up, I enjoyed the article, do you come here for the grammar or to talk about games?

    • I certainly prefer games being talked about in a well written and erudite fashion, shame that most folk seem to be uneducated troglodytes in the modern age.
      So I certainly can understand the frustration of “MrSatyre”.

    • Randy

      Considering this person is getting paid to write the article, the very least we can ask is that it is done with at some semblance of professionalism.
      As to the article itself, somewhere you need to point out that the videos are extremely lengthy and don’t explain what they’re actually doing at all.

    • Hum

      considering you’re not paying to read it………i cant say you have much leg to stand on to make requests.

  • billy

    earthbound video fail

    • GamingBolt

      fixed. Thanks.

    • Juhis815

      I think he meant that the video itself sucked ass, so you misunderstood what “fail” meant.

  • Dragoon893

    You’re a dick.

  • FearFreak40k

    Nope, number 10 should have been the “Leerooooy Jenkins!!!!” moment in WoW.

    • Cyctorn

      but that wasn’t a prank

  • A

    I think you all need to quit being menstruating cunts. This was just a person attempting to entertain everyone by sharing things they thought were amusing. I liked it just fine, errors and all. It was not written in broken English or near unreadable. It was not typed in all caps or letters replaced with numbers and ghetto text abbreviated excuses for words. I have seen much, much worse so to say this is the “most poorly written-” ((FYI MrSatyre it is *most poorly written, what an incredibly ironic place to typo -insert foot in mouth here-)) “-article in existence” tells me that you have a few issues you might want to get taken care of for this very minor amount of egregious mistakes to actually get under your skin that terribly. If you all didn’t like it, fine. Move on. Maybe make something of your own. Don’t share it or read it again. No one cares. Or just give some constructive criticism to help them, politely. Everyone started somewhere, I doubt you lot were any sort of exceptions. It is absolutely asinine to be intolerable dicks about it. I know I wouldn’t want to dish out the money for an editor or anything serious for a little light entertainment. It’s really not that big of a deal. It’s not hurting you. I don’t understand why people have to be branded as idiots for less than absolutely flawless grammar with hateful ass comments (and have symbolic rotten tomatoes) thrown at them by people who let the internet give them a pompous God complex because they get to hide behind the privacy of a computer screen. It’s unnecessary, extremely rude, and I don’t get why human beings have to be so hateful towards anyone that’s not doing something extraordinarily frowned upon like punching old ladies on the eye or spitting on babies. Maybe this rant is coming from a very bad day at work of being a waitress and people being rude for no reason towards someone waiting on them hand and foot just trying to make a living. Maybe I’m being a bit ridiculous myself. Who knows, don’t care. I just wish people would stop bullying people for trying to do something nice for everyone else just because they’re not perfect. Like anyone is. So shut your cock-vacuums and do like your mothers told you. (Or someone at some point of your miserable lives.) If you don’t have anything nice to say then shut the fuck up.

    • Derek Skinner

      When your entire job is to write, in English….you are supposed to be able to do so competently. If you applied this same lack of standards to other people’s jobs, there’d be a lot more shit in your life. Literally. Apply those same low standards to your food handlers. Or your plumber. The city’s waste treatment workers. Sure, just give them a gold star for trying, it doesn’t matter, right? If you don’t do your job properly, expect to get criticized for it, no matter what that job is.

    • enerou

      sorry but you’re misleading bro. You cannot compare things with different attribute.

  • mekeke

    This article is utter crap.

  • a_person

    I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the Earthbound entry how “Super Hard Mode” also crashes the game and deletes the save file once the player reaches the final boss.

  • enerou

    who cares about grammars (except you english nazis).., we are not all american/englishman here. As long as you can understand what he implied then it’s good enough. He doesn’t make this article to join some shitty essay contest which requires correct usage of grammar, clause, punctuation etc.

  • Norbs

    They should’ve included the skill in Fallout 3 where you sneak behind someone and you place a grenade inside their pockets. Boom! Messy!

  • pobs

    Deus Ex wasn’t made by Square Enix and the Plague in WoW wasn’t a prank against the players. It was a mechanic of the boss fight and someone used a hearthstone with the plague to infect people in the cities. Blizzard had to pull down the servers because it made some of the major cities unusable due to the increased lag.

  • Tenchi

    To be honest, that attack on the funeral thing was really in distaste. It’s just stupid. lol Things like that wishes death on the opposing guild’s members.

  • Bob

    no mention of the everquest guide that got mad and summoned and bound them at a raid boss

    or Fansy the epic everquest troll


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