10 Gaming Incidents that caused us to ROFL

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Games make us do the strangest things from time to time. Some make us mad, some make us cry, some make us smile and some even make us laugh. Several games in particular sprang to mind as serving up the rofl-burger more than others, so here’s a list of ten games that really made our sides split, whether it was intentionally or by accident. Please note that this list is not in any order.

FF7 cross dressing

Definitely awkward

A little fun fact for you all: The German language has two different words for funny. Lustig means funny in the traditional “ha ha” sort of way, whereas komisch means a type of awkward or uncomfortable humour. The scene in Final Fantasy 7 that sees our protagonist, Cloud, dress up as a woman to infiltrate a pimp’s mansion would definitely be described as komisch. When I played through this section as a kid it was amusing enough, but it was only when I played through the game again in my adult years that I was truly able to appreciate just how odd this particular scene is.

Portal last boss

Portal is a rare type of game that possesses a genuinely witty script. The game’s main antagonist, Glados, is given many of the most quotable and humorous lines in recent gaming history and this earns Portal its rightful place in this list. You could almost take any line to demonstrate the uniquely dry sense of humour in Portal, but the last battle against Glados sums it up best.

Revolver Ocelot

This was yet another aspect of my gaming childhood that I wasn’t able to fully appreciate until later on. No matter which MGS game you play, if it has Ocelot in it, there are bound to some awkwardly amusing moments. The whole greased chamber line is just plain creepy, and there is no doubt that there is some serious homo-erotic sub-text to his character in Snake Eater. I can’t be just imagining this can I?

Arsenal Gear

Yet another awkward, yet undeniably humorous, scene from Hideo Kojima. A naked Raiden sneaking around is funny enough, but the self-referential lines spouted by Colonel Campbell over the codec during this section of the game are classic. It’s MGS comedy at its best right here: Nice and uncomfortable.

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  • shastyxmcnasty

    I’m surprised you guys never mentioned Johnny Sasaki from the Metal Gear Series, He was always doing something funny….I realize it was a little more obvious then Ocelots obvious homosexual undertones, but still pretty funny

    • shastyxmcnasty

      or when in Metal Gear Solid’s sniper level, if you shoot to many rats Meryl will call you on your codec and rant to you about how cruelty to animals Is a step towards being a psychopath

  • PrivatePyle

    So the PS3 was priced at $599 to teach me discipline…
    My dad taught me enough of that, that’s why I need my video games, to get away from it!
    Should of had Jamie Kennedy from the E3 convention he was hosting at, in this list. He WAS the joke and left all of his good ones at home.

    The Ring King one definitely screwed with my childhood innocence though. I still laugh at it.

  • Wow and Ken said all this in English word for word? Two weeks ago there was a fuck up in the translation between Valve and a German site over Portal 2 having Move support. You mean to tell me that quick translation methods from 5 to 10 years ago were any better? Great article but leave the embarrassing translations of Ken out of it please.

    • Let me see if I understand your basic claim: You don’t trust the quotes as being translated right because of what the technology was like when they were made, yet you seem to have doubt that in the 6 years since these quotes happened, anyone on the dozens upon dozens of websites that covered the quotes realized they were mistranslated? The difference between 6 years and the mistranslated 2 weeks ago is time passed, and the amount of time available for them to have been spotted. The mistranslations would have been caught by now (especially by Sony, who took a big hit over the nature of these comments. Yet, they didn’t ever say the translations were wrong). Not-so-great comment, leave the embarrassing conspiracy theory out of it please.

  • lol at the metal gear solid 2 when colonel said “this is a role-playing game, and i expected you to do your best”
    i’ve personally played the game but i didnt realize this few funny bits only because i was so serious in finishing the game. Good on you George for finding this LOL moments

  • doub7

    The end of MGS 2 was so awful my head almost exploded. A naked Raiden & a ridiculously convoluted story=fail.

  • jbg0623

    you guys missed the scene in MGS4 where Snake pretends to drop a cigarette just to look up some chick’s skirt.

  • Can’t believe they didn’t include all the crazy dialogue from the original Resident Evil.

    “You were almost a Jill Sandwich”
    “Take this lockpick, because you the master of unlocking might find a use for it”



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  • The Kutaragi quote about the PS3 and discipline was actually faked by a Kotaku writer, challenging the reader to figure out which Kutaragi quotes were faked and which ones were real:


  • Ad

    “The PS3 will instil discipline in our children and adults alike. Everyone will know discipline”

    This was a fake quote, you twit. http://us.kotaku.com/#!111634/ken-kutaragi-misunderstood-or-just-nuts

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