10 Hilarious Video Game Memes of 2012

The best memes of 2012.

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1. Far Cry 3

1. Far Cry 3

Meme’s are something that always bring a smile to the face especially if it actually manages to make sense. We have a bunch of them–10 in total-which we think are fantastic and will really make your day. These memes have been picked from games that have been released this year, and considering games like Borderlands 2 were really hilarious, finding terrific memes weren’t that hard. This list consist of popular games like Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 and Dishonored, just to name a few.However, if you have something else in mind please let us know in the comments section below. We will bring you more of these terrific features next year! Stay tuned.
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  • doa766

    those are not memes, they’re individual jokes, for a joke to be a meme it needs to be recurring with small variations, not a one time thing like these

    • BITCH

      Wrong. A meme by definition is when an image or video is spread from one internet user to another.

  • derp

    Yeah these are awful realy, must of taken you about 10 mins with google image search

  • They’re called image macros, not memes. A picture with text is not a meme. A meme is a repeated thematic element.

  • YerpIPosted

    Correction, the island isn’t on any map, it would be impossible to call for help. And any help that arrived would be taken down by the very pirates and other scum of the island.

    • JustSomeDude

      If you got a Cellphone you don’t care if you have to pay 100 bucks for one call with GPS location (if you have “bars” you’re connected, which means you’re tracable). btw. The last time something with pirates was up, the USA sent Navy Seals sooooo yeah…
      I know I’m not fun at parties ;(

    • BITCH

      JustSomeDude, although the call is traceable, you’re friends and you’re friends are in danger, you’re not going to wait for help from a country on the other side of the world. Second, the Navy Seals aren’t all that badass and in this case would fail, because they won’t know exactly where or who is who.

  • The last one I like but it won’t happen for the exact reason we want it to.
    It would be hilarious to confuse a clerk, until you realize that all copies of the game are listed with the same barcode, and they can’t be sold to you until they resolve the issue.

  • andynd568

    calm down dicks

  • Chris

    Not funny. Plus Master Chief is da bomb.
    RIP Cortana.

    • BOBERT


  • erp

    the real meme in far cry 3 should be “have i ever told you the defenition of insanity

  • sulaco

    in dishonored you can choose the non lethal path

  • Epzo

    The Halo 4 one was really bad


    these are “video game logic” memes

  • these aren’t hilarious or even memes

  • sanak

    hahaha yeah that was a good collection of it LOL!


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