10 Most Depressing Deaths In Video Games

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Deaths in video games are always a sad affair, especially when it is a character you like a lot and are extremely attached to that you see dying. They move the players in more ways than one, and make the game that much more emotionally moving. Given below are ten of the most saddening death in video games- or at least what we feel are ten of the most saddening deaths.

Tell us if you agree with us, and which deaths you think are the most depressing in your comments below.

NOTE: This article (obviously) contains a lot of spoilers. Tread carefully, and don’t shoot us if you come across a spoiler- ‘coz we warned you.

Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

To be honest, by the time Aerith died, her character hadn’t really been developed a lot, and we didn’t know much of it. The sequence had a lot of impact on us all, and it was very saddening indeed, but it was after you realized what her true part in the story was that you truly start feeling sad for her. Aerith’s death is perhaps one of the most depressing, iconic and memorable deaths in video gaming history.

Tellah (Final Fantasy IV)

How can we Final Fantasy fans ever forget the “You spoony bard!” scene? It was epic. And Tellah was awesome. His death saddened me greatly, because he was probably my most favourite character in the game, other than Kain. His backstory was really touching, and the way he died just moved me… a lot. The fact that he doesn’t return at the end of the game when most of the other characters do was even more depressing.

Noble Team (Halo: Reach)

Halo: Reach is, at its heart, a very depressing game. The world being destroyed, the beautiful vistas being set to destructive fires are all very depressing indeed, but the deaths of the main characters are what disheartened me the most. From the very outset, I knew that no Noble would survive the battle, but seeing each of them died saddened me deeply. The characters were just so great, and I grew so attached to them, seeing the die pained me greatly.

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  • Drasha Jakurah

    Wonder how this would change now that Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” game’s reached its final episode.

  • I’d add Mordin Solus to this list. Depending on what happens, you’ll either regret what you’ve done or want the Dalatrass’ head on a pike. Literally.

  • Jack

    You guys missed one out.The death of The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3.Certainly the 1st place in this list.

  • André

    What about Don from gears of war 3 ?

  • Name

    how could you put Axel from the epic kingdom hearts and not Xion?! I mean, axel is awesome, but xion’s death had to be one of the most depressing scenes in all the kingdom hearts games! ;(

  • Boo

    Charlie in Street Fighter?

  • Yodlemann

    Lee from the walking dead

  • Mr.Ownage

    Well,I think Harper’s death from BO II should be on the list. Or Alex Mason’s,both of these will make you cry at first.

  • MeGaTSu

    Where’s James from House of the Dead 4???

  • ;alskdfj

    Doms death was very sad in Gears 3.
    But the saddest death of all was probably Lees death in the Walking Dead. After spending all our time raising Clem and being a parent, trying to make everyone happy, and killing some zombies, he just dies. A little innocent girl he was raising shoots him. Why, telltale!

  • asdf123

    to me nothing beats john marston from red dead redemtion


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