10 PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360 Games That Lived Up To The Crazy Hype They Received

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A lot of games this generation, and in generations of gaming before, have received crazy hype. They receive so much hype, the rarely ever match up to it, and turn out to be huge disappointments. However, there are some games that are so good, they manage to live up to the crazy hype they receive. Below, we will be listing out ten games that were hyped like crazy, and yet were so good that they actually lived up to their expectations. Enjoy the list!

PLEASE NOTE THAT the games listed below are listed in no particular order. The numbering is completely random.

Killzone 2

From the very moment Sony showed off Killzone 2 at E3 2005 with the infamous debut trailer, and touted it as showing in-game graphics, later revealing that it was after all pre-rendered, Killzone 2 started garnering unimaginable hype. And Killzone games do have a tendency to be hyped like hell. Killzone was touted as the ultimate “Halo-killer”, but when it was actually released, it turned out to be an uninspiring game with stupid AI that disappointed almost everybody who played it. Killzone 2, however, actually managed to live up to its crazy hype. Not only did it actually have the visuals that were shown in the debut trailer, it also proved to be one of PS3’s best games out there, to this very day.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Breathtaking is the only word I can think of to describe this.

I almost explode- I mean literally explode– every time I remember the time before Uncharted 2: Among Thieves got released. Crazy fanboys on forums calling it the best game ever, touting it to be the next best thing after Ocarina of Time. And then the reviews came in, and the few sites that did not give this game a perfect score stilled called it one of the best games to have gotten released- ever. But I had decided- I would not believe anything till I played the game myself. And when I did play it, I was blow away. The most cinematic, the most thrilling, the most stunning experience I’ve ever had in my entire life as a gamer- that’s what Uncharted 2 was. Not only did Among Thieves live up to the crazy hype that surrounded it, it outdid it.

God of War III

I am an angry Spartan. Be afraid. Very afraid.

God of War is a highly hyped series, and each and every God of War game that has been released has always exceeded all our expectations. And that includes God of War III. God of War II was a marvelous game. It had an excellent story, brilliant, cinematic cutscenes and a wonderful combat system, that not only refined the gameplay of the original God of War, but also lent unprecedented depth to it. A lot was expected of God of War III, and while it didn’t really deliver in all the aspects, and was not better than GoWII by any means, it was still a damn good game. In spite of all its mistakes, God of War III is most definitely the best action game this generation.

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  • Agree with everything but GT4 and Halo 3, great AAA games but they were hyped to an insane level that nothing lived up to.

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  • These were simply fantastic. Can’t wait for all the sequels.

  • rak33n

    god of war 3 lived to every hype played through that game 3 times havent played killzone 2 though

  • lukepc92

    i absolutely loved uncharted but god of war 3 didnt do it for me, to be honest i just dont think hack n slashers are that much fun, more repetitive nonsense really. GTA4 never left my ps3 for the whole two months after its release it was fantastic

  • aquaman22

    Well the no brainers were really KZ2 and Uncharted 2. MW really redefined the fps genre i really think it did. and bbc2 was another game that took many MANY people by surprise man, I’ve already state i truly believed that BBC2 was THE shooter of the year and not Black ops. good list of games you got there. Aqua Out.

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  • d0x

    I loved MGS4 but I dont think it lived up to the hype simply because it was more movie than game.

    Also Killzone 2 might have lived up to the hype for its graphics but the gameplay wasnt the greatest. I also never got Uncharted. The game is linear and boring.

    God of War 3 was hands down amazing though. Loved every second of it.

  • Gears, Halo, Killzone and Mass Effect. None of those games lived up to the hype. The only exception is that everyone bought Halo 3 regardless so I guess its sort of a win.

  • I can’t remember much hype for COD4 before it came out to be honest. Okay, things went batshit afterwards but I remember Mass Effect, Guitar Hero 2 & Assassin’s Creed getting a lot more attention back then.

  • Yeah, how about listing a game DOESN’T involve running around with a gun/sword and shooting/hacking things to bloody bits?

    Bias much?

    • While I kind of agree, you must not of played me2 or uncharted 2. While the combat involves guns there are other attractive aspects of each title (at least personally!) from the cinematic quality and platforming available in uncharted 2 to the scope and ability to completely change the story in me2, offering hands down the greatest replayability factor of any game I’ve played (bar wow).

  • Great job done guys keep it up.

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  • Modern Warfare 2 was the game changer for me. Great list BTW!

  • Meh

    Fail! Where is Street Fighter 4 in this list? Not only did it garner massive hype, it lived up to it and revived an entire genre in the process

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  • play games Flash Free

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  • JoseRicoTacoNachoQuesadillaMan

    I Agree with some of the games

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