10 Reasons Why The Next Generation May Be The Last Console Cycle

Why the future of gaming may be changing forever.

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For decades now home consoles have been easily defined and categorised into several generations. There are a few notable exceptions of course, most notably Sega’s release of the Dreamcast between generations five and six, a release that saw their dominant run in the game’s console business come to a swift end. This pattern of console generations has been the death of those that dare to stray outside of it, but these generation divides may cease to exist once the Xbox One and PS4 have run their course. Here’s ten important reasons why this may be the case in the future.

Nintendo Aren’t Competing

nintendo direct

Though a third major competitor in the console wars only came about when Sony launched their PlayStation back in 1994, console generations have since been defined in sets of three. With Nintendo releasing their Wii U in between the seventh and eighth generation though, they seem to be removing themselves from generational classification, a refusal to compete with Sony and Microsoft exacerbated by their decision to not hold a conventional conference at this year’s E3. Even if consoles continue as we know them, will we take the time to define complete generations for only one or two systems?

The Steam Box


Generation classifications only really hold up when the focus of gaming is on set games console. New competitors will throw traditional generation divides out of sync, and Valve’s Steam Box may do just that if it lives up to the usual quality of the Half-Life developer. Granted, it’s more a PC than a separate games console, but it may be enough for PC gaming to eclipse and replace the console market altogether.

Smart Phone Markets

samsung galaxy s3

With casual gaming on the rise, most of the population are happier paying out a few pounds for a good phone game over a £40 AAA shooter. In terms of sheer money, you can’t argue with that, and the phone is a device that is almost always to hand and is upgraded very regularly. Raw graphical power and control issues with touch screen devices are just about the only thing keeping core gamers at home on consoles, so you can only imagine what would happen to the console market if phones managed to overcome the issue of touch screen controls.

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  • god

    Welcome to another blog from a retarded writer that has nothing to write about so he/she makes something up about something he/she knows nothing about

  • AD

    Consoles will always be around in one form or another, games moving to digital is the next leap

  • cscales

    consoles wont die these articles just want attention the ps4 and xbox one are amazing and will continue to get better over time remember technology always evolves 🙂

  • Kakarot

    This whole artical is a piece of crap. I can not take anyone seriously who actually thinks smartphone/tablet “gaming” is a real thing, let alone a threat to real consoles/PC gaming.

  • Ernie Mink

    Windows 8.1 Pro and ANY upgrade makes the PC the only choice for gaming. I never liked the handheld controllers on consoles, and computers are just way more powerful and better, especially if you build them yourself

  • tryplot

    problem on pg 1. they go on a 7 year cycle … nintendo was the only one that was on schedule.

  • Nathaniel Liles


  • Augenis

    Smartphone games, as crazy as it looks, is a real competitor. The reason is simple – mobility. Consoles nearly killed off arcade machines, as you could use consoles at home and whenever you like. Now the same effect is killing them off. Smartphones and tablets have large advantages over the consoles, mostly the fact that smartphones alone are much more widely used than gaming consoles – there are over a billion smartphone users around the world. Most of them play relaxing, simple freemium games, they don’t care about graphics or controls. Why would they need consoles then?
    Besides, if I want to play a graphically good game, like a FPS or a good RPG, I would just pirate it on a PC. That hurts consoles too.

  • higuide

    not going to be the last cycle in the console. technology and game developers always come up with more ways to improve. PC gaming never going to be future of gaming for reasons of they are always at the pace of consoles unless its PC only. nobody wants to shell in that kind of money unless they are really into computers (mirroring custom work on cars) and have the money, not a point any more since next gen consoles, they are always efficient for overall costs of console specs make that work for about 7 years it even runs BF4 on current gen, does not that good but damn. cellphone/tablet gaming only for people that are not really gamers (more of those than real gamers that at least take the time to complete story mode). this is same kind of retarded crap ends up looking stupid in the future, like “the internet is just a fad it will die out in a year” look where we are now about 20 years after that


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