100 Most Challenging Levels – Stages in Video Games

The 100 worst levels/stage in gaming of all time.

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For every cool moment out there and for every well designed environment that makes us feel all the more immersed in a game’s universe, there are levels that remind us that we are indeed playing a game. Stages, that serve to frustrate and annoy us.

Elements of the game that take us out of the experience completely when they don’t make us want to toss the controller like a frisbee. Of course, there are some notoriously challenging final boss fights with crazy lead-ups with their multi-part shenanigans. So join us as we count down to the 100 challenging levels/stages in gaming. We also included some particularly frustrating set pieces and mission types that occur more than once in the same game. Rest assured, the pain isn’t any more dulled though.

But do keep in mind that some of the games we list are actually really fun to play. Think of these more as warning signs when playing said games.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.
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100. Okami Ark of Yamato

 100. Okami Ark of Yamato

It's not terrible per say, which is why it's number 100, but most of it is just filler, filler, filler leading up to the final confrontation.

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  • Carl Toolan

    this article is a JOKE, MW2 favela harder than through fire and flames on hard? GTFO, wheres dark souls and demons souls? two hardest games of this current gen doesnt get a sniff but MW2 the easiest CoD does? what an idiot!!! uncharted 2? really? how about heart of the reich on veteran? or wipeout HD, dead nation? no? did this auther actually play any games to completion apart from megaman and resi 6?

  • Quoaz

    This writer must just hate things that take moderate brainpower. Rainbow Road was the best Mario Kart level hands down, and unless you have severe cerebral palsy, it’s not hard to stay on the road.

  • lonerwolfie

    who ever did this list… pretty much has no idea what “Challenging” means….
    that or he’s a noob betwin noobs….

    “gamers” this days have become a bunch of crybabies with no skills…

    • Joseph Oliveira


  • Lonerwolfie

    so far only 3 games in this list i found it to be hard…
    the rest are so easy that either you area a total noob betwin noobs or gaming skills this days are super lost….

    challenging games… right champ… i find it more challenging to navigate this article (not cool to have to go page by page)

  • Joseph Oliveira

    So apparently Master Quest is easier than Non-MQ for the Water Temple. okay.

  • Them

    As if


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