100 Dumbest Ways To Die In Video Games

Facepalm time.

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All of us have endured some brutal games and have come through successfully, and most of the time frustratingly. There were times where some deaths were just plain stupid and totally our fault and we were hoping no one saw how we died, because it would just ruin our reputations as gamers. Well we are here to bring you some good news; you are not alone. There are tons of gamers that have figured out some truly dumb ways you can die in a video game, and this list gives you an idea of what not to do so that you can avoid their fate.

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100. Thief – Activating alarms meant for guards

I got to admit there are times when I have done this myself,  out of pure curiosity, wondering what this button does and boy did I regret it. Once you activate this alarm, you might as well reload from your previous save, because there is no way that you are getting out alive. All the guards and their mothers will come and beat the living hell out of you.

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  • Allan Mills

    There were parts in the original Hitman where stealth simply wasn’t an option and you had to either go in guns blazing or run like crazy.

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    This site is a POS don’t give them the web traffic by going through each slide

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    100 pages? Screw that

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