100 Worst And Dismal Endings In Video Games

A look at some of the most worst endings in video games

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Every gamer wants a proper closure to the game they just invested hours into. Some games give awesome closures and great endings. But every now and then there are endings that are quite terrible and offer no conclusion whatsoever, and leaves the gamer frustrated just because the ending was horrible. We have compiled this list of worst endings in video games, but beware, some games included in this list are awesome, but the ending really didn’t make sense. As expected some of you may disagree but sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Note: The list is in random order.

100. Deus Ex Human Revolution

I expected the game to handle the options we make more effectively and I thought the choices you made throughout the game would affect the outcome of the games’ end. But instead we have an ending where the choice we made at the end would affect the whole game. The conclusion left everything in a grey area, and nothing was shown that tied up any loose ends.

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    Ah, Gaming Bolt – you really became a:
    We were all pissed off because of your standard ”99 clicks feature”, but we were at least able to press PREVIOUS instead of NEXT, and we would see what is on #1.
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    • Nicky Robert Toma

      Just change the numbers in the name page , they’re from 1 to 100 . 100 is number one

  • John Doe

    Is it just me, or does this looks like someone just put every game he ever played up here and tried to justify why its ending was bad? I mean we can all have our own opinions but I feel that there are so many endings that just don’t belong here. Just because a game tries to do something differently, does not mean it sucks. Ending does not always have to explain everything to you, sometimes it is just supposed to make you think and fill some gaps for yourself. The good guys don’t always have to win and live happily ever after. Aren’t some endings supposed to leave some things open, and even leave us with gloomy feelings? SPOILERS AHEAD L.A. Noire – a tragic end to a tragic character – perhaps Cole can finally find peace in death? It seems like he accepted his demise when it came. Aren’t the Assasin’s Creed games slowly feeding us enough information to keep us guessing and want to come back for more? Do we really have to know if Lara Croft died? You can choose for yourself – you either believe she lives or dies – some fans will choose that she must have survived and won’t get heartbroken, others will choose that death was a fitting end for the adventurer. Splinter Cell games: they have shown that Sam’s life was utterly destroyed and he had to sacrifice everything. It’s a nice set up for the next game in which we see “pure sam” as Vic says, as he had to make too many sacrifices. And Blacklist? Sam finds a middle ground between oficially capturing the guy and killing him. What should the ending look like in your opinion, he should shoot the guy with a bazooka to make things more exciting? And seriously Mass Effect? I mean sure the ending could have been a lot better, but is it the worst ending ever? It may be dissapointing for some but there are way worse ways to end a game. The whole mission leading to the ending gives a great closure to the story – you say goodbye to people you grew to care about and then sacrifice your life for the things you belive in (in most cases). Technically you can only hope that the things will turn out all right. And that what the ending gives you – hope. Do we really have to have everything spelled out for us in endings? Sometimes the ride is more important then the way its ended.

  • StewieGoMad

    I get the last two since they have a reason and they’re really sucky and big let downs, but with the others it seems that u just don’t understand the storytelling and are kinda stupid… When every game u play ends incomprehensible for you, the problem is most likely you buddy.

    • Velosi

      Spot on!

  • Sup

    As always gamingblob comes up with another troll list. Just dont come here anymore people. The lists are poor and bad on perpose, just to attract attention nad flame. There is no bad advertisment. The solution to shit like that is to completly ignore such things. Dont waste your time here and dont give away your email adresses to these spammers.

  • 1800aaacool


  • Peter.y

    Sorry But it’s ridiculous for me that you still feel bad about the ME3’s Ending.The Extended Cut came out for free,and it indeed made a memorable ending.

    • Tufy

      Personally, I never saw it. You know why? Because I was so pissed with ME3’s ending that I simply can’t force myself to even touch one of those games again. A sad, premature death to a potentially memorable trilogy that could have been amazing. If only they had stopped mere 5 minutes earlier…

    • castolo

      same here bro

  • bourikii

    the fable one is stupid you could wait till the end of the credits and continue playing and also there is the lost chapters expansion

  • i can read

    am i the only guy who actually reads the entire list… seriously?

  • 100 slides? advertisers > readers for you guys huh?

  • Velosi

    100 is not a list of best or worst or anything else. It’s a compilation of every f***ing thing you could think of. You guys should stop this, it’s stupid.

  • JRK

    Don’t quit your day job, Rohan… unless your day job involves writing in any way in which case PLEASE quit your day job.

  • Sinmenon

    I’m going to admit off the bat: I skipped the games I haven’t played. Especially for the consoles I never owned.

    In the case of #88, Fahrenheit it suffered from ‘the dog ate half of the script’ syndrome It was supposed to be three games, but the publishers were like “HAH! No. You’re going to have ONE game to tell your story” and the game was halfway done. So they needed to compress the story of the two sequels into the second half of the game and that’s why the game is a unholy mess.

    Same goes with Force Unleashed and Force Unleashed 2 ( #83 and #82), it was supposed to be a trilogy. But after Disney bought the franchise, it appears that we’ll never have the conclusion to the story.

    In #28, Soul Reaver, the game had this end because of production restrictions. It was supposed to be longer, but they couldn’t do it. And along the way the publishers went “K, you guys can wrap things up in the sequel” and thus we have Soul Reaver 2 in which………….Is going to conclude in Defiance. So yeah, the series leaves you wondering for two more games

    btw, the end of Persona 3 being bad? Seriously? The entire game is about how death is a natural part of the life, memento mori and all that, and you classify it as bad? Downer? Certainly. But appropriate. If you don’t like that, get the PS2 version and play the FES part, known as ” The Answer”, for a more in depth explanation. But really, criticizing the ending of this game is like saying that you don’t like Final Fantasy : Crisis Core because Zack dies in the end.

    But the most unbelievable amount of crap was what the writer said about #12: Final Fantasy VIII. No, the primary antagonist wasn’t the one who ran the orphanage they grew up in : she was being controlled by somebody else, it is revealed right after the attack of the Galbadia Garden. Was the writer of this article even paying attention to the story at all or he just skipped the text?

    On a second thought, never mind. I’m just going to use adblock to block this site altogether and stop wasting my time.

  • TimmyP


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