15 Examples of Video Game Logic That Don’t Make Any Sense

15 moments when video game logic fails.

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Video games sometimes follow their own logic. Whether it be taking hundreds of bullets to the face and surviving or a having a mute protagonist that no one seems to mind, sometimes games can make you wonder if developers live in an alternate reality. Take for instance some of these examples.

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Skyrim – Horses Climbing Vertical Slopes

You know Bethesda mountains? They’re in every Bethesda game such as Oblivion, Fallout 3 and 4, and Skyrim. They’re nearly completely vertical with sheer cliffs that are impossible to climb. Yet for some reason, horses in Skyrim are capable of climbing at unnatural angles. Apparently Skyrim horses were bitten by a radioactive spider, because they can climb up just about any mountain with any slope.

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  • Lance Stone

    About the only points I really took issue with were; (spoilers ahead)
    1) Leader of the Institute. May as well go full spoiler here and point out that your son is the leader of the institute who essential hands it off to you. Not to mention if you used all this wasteland tech to get there then I dare say you are smart enough to lead a group of scientists (like making a warp drive outta some old spare car parts).

    2) The final Skyrim fight. Yeah lets talk about how you don’t have people to back you up after you go to the afterlife to fight a supposed uber dragon when most people can’t put a good ding in a regular dragon. Good luck finding willing recruits for that mission Dovahkiin or not.

    3) Dishonored. Well considering you were murdering in the name of the new Empress I’m going to call it not only justified but following orders. (Even if you were doing this before said order was really given).


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