15 Things That PS4 Needs To Set Right

Waving the cudgel at the new-gen Sony console.

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After quite a wait, Sony satiated our curiosity and put to rest doubts and speculation with the last November launch of its much awaited gaming console, the PS4 , last year. The machine is indeed a sweet piece of hardware with a multitude of features and improvements. So, the new generation has almost everything we could ask for, video streaming, great graphics and a buttload of more horsepower. ‘Almost’ everything we could ask for.

Like any other piece of hardware out there, the PS4 has a lot of room for amelioration. So how can Sony make their latest gaming console even better than it is now? Here are 15 things that we would like to see in the future models of the new-gen console.

15. Increased DualShock 4 Battery Life

Dualshock 4_01

Finally, the blokes at Sony thought that it had been time enough that gamers got fed up with the distinctive PS controller, and put their best brains to design a ‘new’ controller, the DualShock 4. Now some of us were grousing about the controller before it came out, but once we got a hands on experience, it turned out that the controller’s a pretty well engineered accessory.

It has a nice feel to it, good triggers and nice and buttons that aren’t clunky, alongside the integration of the PS Move Motion Controller. Then you look at how long it lasts with a full charge and you know it sucks. Utterly. The PS4 controller pales in front of its predecessor with in this regard. The PS3 controller seems to last an aeon in front of its successor which has a battery life of about 7-9 hours; roughly a third of the PS3 controller. That’s regressive engineering. Sony really needs to revise the controller hardware to make its battery lasting.

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  • jzgames11

    I like most of your suggestions and wouldn’t mind if they are implemented as long as system resources are not required during gameplay. Some games are awesome in 3d , so I would like the support for that, not all games need it though. Pause downloads would be great as well. Maybe someday ill join facebook but I doubt it, so most social stuff I don’t care about, but understand a lot of people love it. Main thing I want is the mythical The Last Guardian.

  • kurotowtails

    i see the need for external storage, for me though i dont even want to bother with sotrage again, my ps3 had 500 gb in it. my ps4 has 2 tb. doubt ill need to fix that anytime soon. even though, 6 years from now (ps5?) they’ll have 10 tb drives, im sure i’ll still be fine.

  • D4TN

    If there’s a list for the PS4, then there needs to be a list for the Xbox One as well. Here’s a quick list to compare the PS4 and the Xbox One.

    Does the Xbox One allow you to customize the dashboard? Not really.

    Does the Xbox One allow you to share gameplay on YouTube? Yes, but it requires you to access OneDrive on a smartphone or a PC to upload it.

    Does the Xbox One allow you to share screenshots on Instagram and Tumblr? Maybe, but you’ll probably need to access OneDrive on a smartphone or a PC.

    What’s the streaming quality like on the Xbox One? We won’t know until the release of the next software version on March 11th.

    Does the Xbox One allow you to use external storage or upgrade the internal storage? No. However, the ability to easily upgrade the internal storage on the PS4 nearly negates the need for an external storage option since most high capacity HDDs are quite affordable nowadays.

    Also, you most likely forgot the fact that both controllers cost $60 and the Xbox One controller still requires AA batteries. Or you can purchase the play and charge kit for the Xbox One controller, but that’s an extra $25 if purchased separately or an extra $15 if purchased together with a new controller. However, you can purchase a micro usb cable for a few dollars on Amazon, eBay, etc.

    • D4TN

      Forgot to mention that some of your points are valid. Does the PS4 need improvement? Yes. Is Sony planning on addressing some of the software issues? Definitely. However, as an early adopter you don’t have the right to call Sony out at all. Regardless of the company, there are always bugs, issues, problems, etc. that come with the release of new hardware or new software.

  • Michael Alexander

    The PS4 thus far has been disappointing !

    • Chesslyn Blake Groener

      Its doing much better than the ps3 🙂 also ps3 had features taken away :p

  • kyle

    what yall not understanding is that the ps4 does not have a partnership with youtube, thats why there is no youtube app, there is nothing wrong with the ps4 camera(besides voice commands), and also there next harddrive will probably go 750gb, 1tb 2tb 3tb 4tb 5tb 6tb and the the 500 gb is the current withouth user upgrade, given that the console will have a 8 year life cycle

    • yardis

      PS3 and Vita has a Youtube app, so the PS4 should to. PS4 can’t have a partnership with YouTube only Sony can. PS4 is the name of the system not the company.

  • Pete north

    How about not being able to use blue tooth headsets with the ps4??? That should be number 1 and you didn’t even mention it

  • Sam

    My beef with the PS4 is the UI. They need a more premium feeling, good looking, sophisticated UI. Although I had both PS3 and Xbox 360, I mostly was on the Xbox 360, and now that I’m on the PS4 in my opinion the UI on the 360 is much better than the PS4.

    The PS4 UI is too flat, over simplified, and just ugly in some parts. Outside of the game preview area, everything is just texts and lines. Sony still has icons that are from the godawful XMB; which is really shameful given that they have had a lot of time to develop the PS4. You can’t even change a few icons Sony, really?

    I just get a general sense of laziness on Sony’s part with regard to the UI. It’s always been an issue with them.

    The X1/360 UI isn’t perfect, but it looks better than PS4’s.

  • Many of the features here hoped for can be found from the Wii U.

  • Racbir Singh Bhurji



    Sony makers of PS4 need to step their game up. The way I see it is that the ps 4 came out way 2 soon. PS3 is excellent with graphics and gameplay for all the games. They got yall with the ps 4 purchasers because yall weren’t patient. Yall thought it would be great to get the ps4 and when you look at the overall difference between ps3 and ps4 its not worth the money. You should of just took a vacation or bought a bunch of scratch off lottery tickets.

  • Ryan Muck

    How about getting a tiny nub on the options and share buttons. I’d love to be able to instantly recognize them while playing in the dark. Or as dark as it gets with the flashlight on the front of the DS4.


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