20 Of The Most Graphically Insane Games Of 2011

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As each year passes on, game developers get themselves well acquainted with the structure of gaming hardware and try and churn out as much as they can from it. This has progressively resulted in to better looking games. 2011 is the fifth year in this generation of gaming and video games have to look better. And surely they dont disappoint. Today through this article we take a look at 20 of the games that will be graphical behemoths!
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Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

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  • Chet

    The last guardian isn’t even available to pre-order yet. How can you judge a game on its graphics when you have never played it? This list is just insanely stupid.

  • Hey, whoever post the BAD comment
    please at least give respect for who was made this article dammit !!!

    and who said BF3 was better graph than crysis 2?

    how about crysis 3 vs Battlefield 3 ????? its fair then

    and who hasn’t play uncharted 3, IS a bummer ! , take a look uncharted 3 in game graphics first then judge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Magic

    Best graphics ever = God Of war 3 and u didnt mantion it come on

  • aurizan

    Hey hey hey,,, i think pinball 3D is better than those all…

  • no Final Fantasy?

  • Darth DeadShot

    For everyone complaining about why BF3, Skyrim and other games aren’t on the list you really should check your eyes next time you read an article. The article was written in Jan 2011, before either game was released

    • ray-man100

      Why the hell would he make this article at the beginning of 2011?

  • NayelAhmed

    Skyrim? Battlefield 3? Seriously?

  • lotsanoisy69

    Marvel vs Capcom needs to go trust me there are tons of other games better than that!

  • Steve

    Why the hell does the entire page reload when clicking on the ‘next picture’ arrow? Have we never heard of AJAX .. ? =|

  • SOLame

    Mass Effect – Graphically insane?? ….. and Last Guardian??? really….. Last Guardian???

  • Bshx

    So assassin’s creed rev and skyrim didn’t make it while little big planet did.

  • Shalom Creado

    where is GRAND THEFT AUTO 5

    • Nathaniel Pillar

      Where is No Man’s Sky?


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