25 Famous Video Game Characters Re-Imagined As Zombies

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It’s always an amazing feeling seeing your favourite video game characters dead. Oh wait… don’t be shocked, I actually meant undead i.e zombies. We have compiled a list of such characters who clearly have their brains taken away from them, and in a way, it’s a bit distrubing. Deviantart user Go Maxpower is a pure artist. This user has literally re-imagined famous video game characters in to walking dead (zombies).
For example, Sonic is such a lovable character, but here, in his zombified avatar, you won’t really find him all that cute and attractive – same goes for Cloud. The creativity on display here is also a testament to the artist’s capabilities at modifying a loved character into something gruesome and unappealing, however, we think you will like what we have to show here, so check them out.
All credit goes to Go Maxpower. You can check more of the brilliant artwork on that link.
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  • kasdpwjd

    chuck norris doesnt turn into a zombie. zombies turn into mini chuck norris’s

    • Well, you see, Chuck Norris chose to become a zombie so that he could move freely among them. Easier to save the world when you don’t need to spend time fighting through a zombie horde, but can walk right by them and kill the leader.

  • dADFS


  • Colten Myhre

    whywould they turn a zombie into a zombie again???

  • Me
  • Metastriker

    How could you not have kirby, but have spongebob instead? He’s hardly well known in terms of video games

  • crash fan

    where is crash bandicoot???

  • I love that Navi.

  • Reviewsuck

    The majority are not video game chracters. They are movie characters that appeared in video games. But they are movie character above all else.

  • I call the penguin to the podium: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3qr9f8/

  • WINrawr

    17/25 was Kick Ass…

  • link fan

    there are two things wrong with link’s navi is a fairy but not a ball and the master sword is unbreakable

    • vocaloidfan4235

      well he has a point.

  • Megaman is a ROBOT. some characters look like bitten orcs instead of real zombies.

  • PixelatedGam3r

    Come on man where was Kratos?

  • >Famous Video Game characters
    >Half the characters are not from a video game (less you count licensed games, but aside from Epic Mickey, none of them are from anything remarkable, and sides, by this logic, where is James Bond?!).

  • Neron

    Where is Kratos and Dante?

  • Bob

    Dat masterchief one 😀


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