25 Most Visually Appealing Games of 2013

For the aestheticist in all of us.

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Time, moving quickly as it always does at this time of the year, has left me in a bit of a daze. It barely feels like yesterday that 2012 was rolling around, and now 2013 is just around the corner; beckoning in yet another six month period where I will consistently fill out the year part of dates on forms incorrectly. 2013 won’t be all about mistaking the date though, as graphics and processing power are set to improve, as they always do with time. Whilst we get old and decay, PCs and consoles only get better, meaning that we’ll have some of the best looking games yet gracing our doorsteps in the coming months. We’ve lined up 25 of the best for your perusal.

Do you think that PC gaming is running away far from consoles in terms of technology? What games are you looking forward to in 2013? Let us know in the comments section below. For more interesting Top 10 lists, click here.

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The first Sniper: Ghost Warrior had pretty decent visuals that were let down by sketchy gameplay. Now that its sequel is set to adopt Crytek's incredible CryEngine 3 though, we can only hope that both aspects of the game will be improved immensely.

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  • navi

    no watch dogs?????

  • You must not have played the demo. Rising Revengeance’s graphics don’t look any better than MGS4 and the cutscenes actually manage to look less impressive.

  • kenzie

    Lets not forget MGS Ground zeroes

  • DX

    Heuu.. Lol tomb raider!!! :pp

  • Robopenguin14

    What About Tomb Raider and Elder Scrolls Online!

  • yellowwindow0

    the face of that girl in the beyond two souls looks so photo realistic O_O

    but seriously metal gear rising revengeance?!??!
    looks like a cool hack and slash game but visually it’s not man, the background is kinda low res. even if you compare it to MGS 4 in terms of visuals which it’s been released back in 2008 it’s still looks way ahead compared to rising.

  • damnboy

    ASSASSIN`S CREED 4 : BLACK FLAGS,, u should update that

  • Lee

    Is Star Wars 1313 still going to happen?

  • Amnesia? One of the scariest games ever mace? Penumbra, baby… Penumbra.

  • Generation Art Storm

    Tomb Raider reboot???

  • EVWeb

    Why does a list about graphics have no screenshots of the games in question?

  • Paul

    Wtf, where is Tomb Raider? maybe I dont know too much but I play it on PC and its fucking awesome…for me atleast

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Seriously, Remember Me graphics were insane. So good.

  • trlkly

    I wish Nilin actually looked like that.

  • Sarcastic Knight

    Oh hell yes Remember Me and Lightning Returns made the cut! I don’t think this set was in any particular order just like summing them up if it was a top list then wed start at 25 and work our way to numeral uno, we’re all entitled to our own opinion’s so no T-bagging each other!

  • Gonzalo Tapia

    Dead Space 2????

  • RAZR

    GTA V looks total shitty shit shit on a 2009 ps3

  • Fotos de Capa


    new aggregator links!!


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