35 Characters We Want To See In Sony’s Super Smash Bros.

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It seems Sony are gearing up for a pretty strong release schedule in 2012, but whilst the usual sequels and franchise titles are present, it’s Sony’s answer to Super Smash Bros that has got most peoples’ eyebrows raised. Only known as “Title Fight” for now, the rumours and evidence are mounting up more and more each day. This game is definitely a go and, with Sony’s impressive influence on its third party developers, here’s a foray into a small cross section of characters related to the past and present of the Playstation brand who we want to see in Title Fight.
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Abe – Oddworld series

Abe – Oddworld series

Sure, there have been some PC and Xbox titles here and there, but Abe is ingrained in the minds of many as a key character for the Playstation brand. Provided his powers of speech are incorporated into his special moves somehow, Abe could be a really unique and interesting character in Title Fight.

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  • No Tomba.?!

  • Make it 5 pages or less like a competent website.

  • 35 pages is so cool. I never get tired of clicking. I just wish the entire page loaded every single time too…oh, wait! It does!!

  • Are you serious? No Cloud/Barrett/Sephiroth? No Commander Shepard?

    How the hell did Batsu beat them out? Who wrote this?

    And clicking through 35 pages sucks!

  • you went as far to include fat princess… but NO ONE from any of the resident evil games? Or shadow of the colossus?

    Abe and Bandicoot were good ones though

  • I’m a bit sceptical of how this game would work with Sony’s potential selection of characters. Many candidates are too adult oriented and I’d be concerned about the inclusion of too many generic JRPG characters or characters from franchises that are now multiplatform or have lost their way (Crash). Though both have rich histories of great games- I can’t see Sony’s franchises pulling off this type of game anywhere near as successfully as Nintendo’s. I’d love to be proved wrong though.

  • If your website does this “35 characters we want to see…click next (to see the next retarded choice over 35 pages)” FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    Show all 35 at once, slideshows are another dumb idea on websites please dont go there.

  • Whos the dumbass that put this on 35 PAGES!?! Also, whos the idiot that actually clicked through 35 pages?

  • No Kratos? Are you kidding?

  • No kratos or sora wtf?

  • Are you serious? 35 different pages, that’s so god damned annoying.

  • 35 pages :O :O


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