50 Most Shameless Video Game Console Knockoffs You Will Ever Come Across

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We have 50 video game console knock-offs for you, which can easily pass as the real thing. The world is not oblvious to duplicates, but these things are not only meticulously designed but can fool anybody at a first glance. Now the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about knock-offs are Chinese good, right? But, we have an amazing collection of images here that will really stun you because of how amazing/awful they look.

Check them out and leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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  • The_MOSEPH

    #35 is clearly “borrowed” from the design of the PSOne, not the NES.

  • The_MOSEPH

    Yeah, ya know, some of these are not “knockoffs”. They’re intended to play those older cartridges in the event someone either doesn’t have one of those, can’t find one, or had one and it doesn’t work anymore, but they still have games for it.

    My wife and I are seriously considering one that plays NES, SNES, & Genesis (like the Retron) to replace our old machines. The NES we have is clunky and you have to mess with the games, inserting them and taking them out over and over to get it to work right. Nothing wrong with the cartridges, those things will last forever, it’s the mechanism in the machine that’s malfunctioning. We still like to play the old Tengen Tetris (any true Tetris fan worth his or her salt knows about that one) once in a while and I like exploring the land in Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. I still have all my favorites from the Genesis and play them now and then with my kids (who appreciate the older games for what they are, not how they compare to PS3 games, etc in terms of graphics and so forth). We don’t have any SNES games, but there’s a game store down the road that has them for a couple bucks a piece.

    • Albanetto

      Can you help me, please ? When i was a kid i got one knockoff console that came with two controllers that was very similar to the NES controllers, but they was wireless. Also the console menu was very similar to the NES menu. The console used three discs made of plastic with different size. Can you help me ? Thanks ^^

  • Amazed

    Yinlips & Gameplayer are PSP knockoffs, not Vita. They have but one analog stick. Just because the screen is larger, doesn’t make it a Vita rip.

  • Amazed

    Now, the iReady Go would be more akin to a Vita knockoff than those other two. Yinlips and the other, as stated, are PSP rips.

  • lilly

    wi wi 0_0

  • dd

    you know what it really annoys me how people would try and rip them of but some of these would be cool to have. Not cool as in i want it for christmas cool. But just to muck around with if you know what i mean.


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