50 Video Games Re-imagined As Stunning NES Cartridges

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Are you an NES fan? If yes, you should totally take a look at what these guys at ‘72 Pins‘ are doing. It will make you giddy with excitement and nostalgia, and if you are into collecting games then this is the best way to showcase your NES games.

Let us clear one thing, though, these guys don’t actually develop games, they just create art with NES cartridges as a canvas to showcase it. The end result is spectacular. In their own words, “it’s modern art with nostalgia mixed in”, and that’s exactly how it looks.

They have a whole bunch of collection, so check them out here, it will make you smile. We have compiled a list of amazing works from these guys, and we think you should take a look, and head on over to their store page to buy these gems. You will not regret it. These are 8-bit awesomeness, truly.

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1. Angry Birds

1. Angry Birds

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  • Dude7225

    NES cartage’s almost never had their front picture in 8bit form. There would be special drawings.

    • That handheld memory97.

      In fact excitebike and super mario bros. had 8 bit,as long with other original Nintendo NES titles .

  • nesfanfromwayback2399

    who was incharge of this bs some of those games were just made up probably by someone who was on meth and other titles i saw were already nintendo games with simslar cartridges like yoshi that was just teriable

  • k_recao

    What the heck… There’s even a re-imaginated “Final Fantasy” catridge? Why? There’s at least 3 Final Fantasy’s on NES/Famicom, so… What’s the point?!

  • CyborgUnicorn

    lol I can totally see an NES shadow of the Colossus. It would be very epic in a flat, pixelated, screen-transitioning way

  • dudemaster

    Very few of these even make sense. Most of them, they just took an existing picture, and made them pixelated. Nintendo cartridges either had actual gameplay graphics on the cover, or hand drawn artwork, never non-gameplay pixel art. Props for Resident Evil, and that’s about all that does it for me.

    • Legend of Zelda cartridges NEVER had either of hand drawn art or actual game play. In fact, not many had what you say. Castlevania was also one of them. Many just had logos.

  • TestemunhaDeMozilla

    Most of these are interesting, but the characters’ colors have too many bits per pixel. The NES palette only allowed for a total of 256 colors. Most characters were only designed with two bits per pixel (aka 4 colors). Capcom used separate palettes for the characters’ faces in the Rockman series, which allowed for 8 colors per character, but the shading seen in many of the characters on these new cartridges, such as Angry Birds, was not common, except in the case of bosses who were put against black backgrounds so that their tile data could take full advantage of other colors without worrying about the use of black for their outlines.

  • Jack

    Anyone else notice this list repeated itself several times?

  • The cover images look way more like 16-bit games to me. Meh. C- for effort.

  • Dallan

    how about an Aliens: CM NES case?

  • jb2k9

    i love AD as much as the next guy, but I don’t see why there are so many references on NES cartridges…

  • likalaruku

    Create demakes of FF7 & up, less budget on graphics & voice actors means more budget on gameplay, character development, improved text dialog, & fixing gaping plotholes.

  • no nintendo titles

  • I know Final Fantasy, Diablo, Resident Evil, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Sonic, Mortal Combat, Max Payne, Halo and you threw in a few Movies. And only the Original versions of those Games are the ones I know.

    Or maybe I’m ‘old’ at 24, or perhaps they were ‘Windows’ games or Console games which I didn’t own. I stopped buying consoles after the PS2 and quit using Windows last year due to the NSA having back doors to spy on you and Microsoft’s constant upgrade cycle and lack of choice in Windows.

    Not to mention Microsoft’s hatred of Open Source (SCO Anyone?) and their dislike of Indie Devs. Or maybe it’s because AAA games are trash now with zero originality or care. Companies like EA are only interested in milking you for money and selling you the same game with a different skin for $70.

    No thanks, I’ll stick to Linux and Indie Games, at least I know the NSA isn’t watching me and at least I have a choice in the way my computer works. You guy’s can keep bending over and taking it deeper all you like. Over and out, and love the re-imagining, thanks, wish I still had my SNES/NES.

  • stephan

    these are all, except for a very few were all based on the mario bros cartridge design, I get that the concept itself is creative but I saw not a lot of creativity in the variation of design itself, there are plenty of other cartridge games they could have based design off of… the nes ninja turtles had a great cover, as well as alien syndrome and many others so why these all have the same design really doesn’t make sense to me


    I think somebody has to much time on their hands to do all 50 of this but sorry this is crap its just a re imagined game cartridge art work not in game screen shot.


    Quantity over quality mehhh…


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