50 Worst Gaming Setups Of All Time

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There are plenty of superb video game setups out there that people spend a lot of money and time to ensure it turns out to be something truly stunning and satisfying, but there are also people out there who simply don’t care about spending money and time on such things, and are satisfied with just playing the game at a place where they feel comfortable. We have a list of such setups that are not only terrible to look at, but also made us wonder why these people simply dont give an eff.

There’s a basic standard at least that needs to be followed even though you don’t want to spend exorbitant amount of money on such setups, and we are going to show you here doesn’t meet our criteria of a so called decent setup, so check them out and leave us your feedback in the comments section below.

Most of the images shown in the gallery have been taken from r/shittybattlestations.

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  • Stretch

    Picture 21, this guy has some f!#@ing nerve to put a sega dreamcast right underneath a table full of dangerously stacked game consoles! Those dreamcasts are not only rare…because they are rare, HE IS ENDANGERING NEXT TO $90!!! (it doesn’t sound like much, but this console is still somewhat common…i think my price is the maximum decent price to charge for one of these.) This guy has no clue how to care for consoles…and his desktop is sadly not much better off with a monitor right on top!

  • Sondre Åvik

    God damn Picture #1 seems comfortable, I would love to have it!

  • Tydeus

    Most of these aren’t bad, even the ones considered “Best” setups are
    really bad. It’s just taste really. Also you’ve duplicated some
    pictures, like number 25.

  • haha fun this watch : http://bit.ly/2c4lYMa


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