6 Kills 1 Sniper Bullet!

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Ever seen one bullet piercing two heads? Yes. Ever seen one bullet piercing three heads? Yes. But Ever seen one bullet piercing six heads? No.

Than see it now below.

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  • ehh anyone could do that if they had 6 dudes to help them out. not impressed.

  • Woulda been cool if it wasn’t staged

  • Why not make it 12 if you’re going to stage a video?

  • “Than see it now below.”

    Number of posts at gamingbolt ever proof-read or spell-checked?

    Holding steady at ZERO.

  • It doesn’t count if it’s staged.

  • WTF

    Gotta agree with you, pirate. Shitty writing. Shitty videos. Annoying advertisements.

    The only reason I ever end up here is because I don’t check the source on Digg and end up regretting it every time.

    Also, this was setup. 6+ people don’t run in a straight line like that.

    Also, fuck you.

  • If it wasn’t staged, it would have been cool. I don’t see the point of this video.

  • This is dumb…wonder how many other things can be accomplished by deliberately setting them up.

  • me

    You are seriously posting set up videos? This is so weak…

  • @ WTF

    Dude, that’s exactly how I feel too. Word for word my exact reasons for unfortunately being here.

  • Sniping a bunch of guys in a military parade. LAME!

    What’s lamer is that the guy got killed afterwards like a sitting duck.

  • That website is fucking dumb. Please stop and get off the Internet.


  • I Hit This Game *_* & F**K CoD Funs ..

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  • THEN



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