8 most Under sold and Under rated games on the Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 has had some of the best games this generation. From Gears of War , Fable 2 to Mass Effect, Xbox 360 has something for everyone. Here we list some of the games that were awesome but missed out due to some reasons. Please do note that We agree that this might not be the complete list and some of you might not agree with it. So here are the 8 most under rated & under sold Xbox 360 games in any order.

1. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise


Sweet and pretty looking games often get ignored. Take Little Big Planet for example, the game was very original in its ideas, but the sales never matched the quality. Same was the case with Viva Pinata, sales were disappointing and 300,000 copies sold and the scores did not allowed the game to get the recognition it deserved.

2. Crackdown


Selling just over 1.5 million copies and getting scores which the game did not deserved is the story of this cracking 360 exclusive. Featuring open world action in third person mode and the protagonist having super human power and having cell shaded graphics, Crackdown just did not got the fame it deserved.

3. The Darkness


Although this game is not a Xbox 360 exclusive, The Darkness was a great game in all departments. The game had a very strong plot and a very likeable character in Jackie Estacado. The game had very good graphics for its time and most importantly the game had amazing gameplay. The Darkness’s powers were a lot of fun to use. Having said that a lot of websites gave lower scores and on top of that the sales of the game were disappointing. Just about 700,00 copies of this game were sold.

4. Ninja Gaiden II


Ninja Gaiden has always been a great franchise. Ninja Gaiden II was a 360 exclusive for about a year, until recently the PS3 got a better version is Sigma 2. Any case the Xbox 360 version was a belter of a game. Featuring some really tough and challenging boss battles and striking visuals the game was under rated as well under sold. Considering Xbox 360’s larger user base this game did not even sold a million. What a shame!

5. Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation


Easily one of the best fighter plane games out there and I guess the only game this generation that has a dedicated single player and multiplayer action in the sky. Fires of Liberation sadly under sold and was under rated. Sales were closer to about 700,000 and for about 20 hours of great dogfight action this game had to be be on our list.

6. Saints Row


Many would say that Saints Row is a direct rip off of Grand Theft Auto. I will like to disagree. Yes it does take references but it surely isn’t a rip off. In fact for an open world sandbox game it does get a few things better than the renowned franchise of Rockstar. Released in 2006 and only on the 360 the game did well at 2 million sales but it would have been more if it would have not been compared and criticized with regards to Grand Theft Auto.

7. Condemned: Criminal Origins


One of the early 360 exclusives and one of the first horror games this generation, Criminal Origins was a very unique game its own right. Featuring intense first person shoot outs and a great plot, gamers who never bought this game are surely missing something great. The game may be available in stores for about 10-20$, so I guess you should pick it up. And the sales were just under 500,000.

8. Eternal Sonata


One of the most original games in its own right, Eternal Sonata featured some of the sweetest characters in video games, great RPG elements and a story that you will probably not forget. Started out as a timed Xbox 360 exclusive for about six to eight months. Sales and scores both were low. Sales for this game were around 200,000.

Let us know your games in the comments section below.

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  • Bernardo

    Eternal Sonata <3

  • zerocrossing

    ninja gaiden 2 isnt a game i would call under rated its merely didnt get the attention it deserved purely because games like gears of war, mass effect and crackdown where ridiculously overhyped and i have never heard good things said about the darkness by anyone who actualy played it games being drooled over by fan-boys just damagess the fanchise,
    still i think this is good article loved eternal sonata cant get enough of ace combat games and ninja gaiden is simply awesome! it would be nice to see a list of under rated games from nintendo and sony tho, something to consider for latter if anyone takes any notice of what ive written lol

  • franwex

    No Earth Force 2017?

  • Mike

    The Darkness is one of the best games ever!!! the story is super awesome you really feel like you are the main character, the graphics are very good still to this day the environments are so gritty and real!, the blood & gore is awesome! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE FOR NOT BUYING THE DARKNESS! i got it on launch day!

  • Liamario

    Viva Pinata- Overrated if anything. Sales reflected the mediocrity
    Crackdown- neither over nor underrated
    The Darkness- worked in lot of ways, but overall, nothing special.
    Ninja Gaiden 2- Broken, unfinished game and the low sales reflected that. Also, it is extremely hardcore- possibly to the extent that it isn’t fun to play at times

  • The Darkness had an amazing story, narrative and cast of characters. It’ s what made the game for me and everybody should go and play it 🙂

  • Evan

    awesome list!

  • Crim

    Wow, you mentioned Ace Combat on there. I agree. There’s been no word of a sequel for a long time, and I’m getting a bit worried.

  • supra5mge

    Eternal Sonata for sure! With bueatiful graphics and a rather original story coupled with a unique battle system made me fall in love with it rather quickly.

  • MrDizzla

    Viva Pinata TIP is a great game, so so much fun and my girlfriend loves collecting the different ones and dressing them up which makes me LOL so much!

    Ace Combat was pretty good, shame about the final mission though, annoyed me so much!

    The main reason so many games sell is purely hype i.e stuff like FIFA ! an appauling game to say the least, but because the UK loves football the game will sell ! Makes no sense because Developers like Rare are huge in their own right but since grabbed by the Ghoulies on Xbox, Rare has gone down hill 🙁 !

  • A lot of times games are release at the wrong time. If it don’t get much hype, like being on the cover of magazines or talked about over and over, most game slips through the cracks. Then you have many gamers who only like certain games. The on;y games I don’t care for are RPGs. I played a few but did not care for them. I have every game on that list except for Viva Pinata and Eternal Sonata.

  • Chief

    PREY needs to be on this list!

  • Eternal Sonata definitely deserves more. I have it on the PS3 and love it. Kinda expected it to do better since the 360 had more users though.

  • mike

    Great list!The Darkness is one of my fav. games,the story is amazing and the caracters are great!still hoping for a sequell!!!!

  • Corn

    Ugh.. Hated ninja gaiden 2 especially towards the end. Why did the devs have to make it so hard that it sucks the fun and life out of a game?

  • Cessate

    I couldn’t agree more with Condemned, The Darkness, Crackdown and Viva Pinata. All amazing games in their own way. Condemned was one of the scariest games of the decade as far as I’m concerned.

    Saints Row 1 though? The game was simply broken, glitchy, and simply unfinished. Saints Row 2 on the other hand surpasses GTA4 imo.

  • david lane

    Ninja gaiden 2 suffers because it is terrrible when compared to ninja gaiden 1. All the fans who bought the game were truly disguted and so told every1 they know that it was s**t. Even tho i agree that by itself its an alright game its still a woefully bad sequel. Ninja gaiden 1 was awesome because the average enemies were really though the bosses were insane, the in game problem solving was interesting and challenging and the soundtrack fit the game perfectly oh and also it had a good camera. Ninja gaiden 2 failed in every single 1 of those catagories. A good camera might have saved it for me but it truly was the last nail in the coffin.

  • AlgabirxD

    I Wanna PS3. I Want to play the Darkness!!! I hate being poor.


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