A Lot of Xbox 360 Owners Will Shift To Xbox One This Year Due To Backwards Compatibility

“It was literally the whole world asking” for backwards compatibility on Xbox One, says Microsoft’s Anshu Mor.

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Xbox One’s backward compatibility feature is a big win for anyone who owns Xbox 360 games. The ability to play through your old library without actually paying extra like in the case of remasters [half of which are horrible anyway] is a great incentive for any Xbox fan. How according to Xbox One India head Anshu Mor, the backwards compatibility feature will actually bring in Xbox 360 owners to the Xbox One.

“There is a firm believe actually that a lot of people would migrate from the Xbox 360 platform to the Xbox One platform. While this was obviously a global call the whole technology behind putting Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One was just not one country or subsidiary asking…it was literally the whole world asking,” Anshu said to GamingBolt.

“But to give you a little insight, throughout last year when we were talking to consumers especially the Xbox 360 fan base, all of them were telling us one concern that we have an investment in games on the Xbox 360 platform and we don’t want to give up that investment. I think we have solved that and those investments that they were talking about the games so we have kind of solved that. With that investment sorted, we do believe that a lot of them will shift this year.”

It remains to be seen what kind of impact it will have on Xbox One sales. But given that its competitor, the PS4 has no such feature [although there are reports that Sony is working on one], the Xbox One only has more to gain in the long run. We will see how it all pans out.

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  • XbotMK1

    Um, the PS3 was fully backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games and Microsoft still talked sh*t about Sony last gen. Now Microsoft wants to pull the backwards compatibilty card. Hypocrisy and irony.

    Remember when people treated Sony like an arrogant devil last gen? Feast upon this….


    • HgGamer

      STFU douche want me to pull out Sony Hypocrisy files loser so STFU

    • mongoose1

      Not to start a war of words but my PS3 never was compatible with PS2 games. I think it was just the early models.

    • RA3030

      Wow that video is telling yes? Xbox 360 fastest to 5 million then it’s outsold by the PS3 with a yr less on the market and the Wii and even the IPOD lol.

    • DLConspiracy//

      For the record both consoles were backwards compatible at one point. People keep acting like a victim or a hero from last gen like that has any precedence over what these companies are doing now. Last gen is last gen. Let’s be clear. Both these companies jobs/agenda is to paint a pretty picture for the consumer to make them forget they are buying a product so they can get behind the consumer and push them to spend LOTS of money.

      Let’s never forget last gen! We must preach it for 100s of years to come to back our agenda. Eother side can bring up past crap on either company. Like the part where Sony over charged for last gens console to push the blu ray format to win the format war. Or how they took away BC with the slim model because they said nobody wanted it.


      Now the shoe is on the other foot. Same antics different top selling piece of plastic. I don’t hold anything against PS for some of their crap last gen. Same goes for good Ole son of Satan MS xbox that people preach about. I just want to play games. If you think these companies care for you then ask them for a money loan. See how far that will get you. Just play games and stop fighting these corporations wars for them free of charge. People like games. People play games anywhere they want. We pay them to enjoy things.

    • Fweds

      You really are obsessed with all this aren’t you Derp.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Stfu idiot

    • BAD ADSc

      Your an idiot.
      Bore off,no one cares you sad child.
      It’s more important because of dlc,arcade games just everything you brought on 360.
      And no one cared about ps3 backwards compatibility because it was a big jump in graphics and online gaming,at that time.
      There has not really been a big jump in graphics and 360 games still look good today.

  • andy

    70 million NEW Xbone sales just confirmed by Gamingbone this holiday season. Oh wait, the average 360 owner out there owned 2 to 3 360 consoles in their life with the console (because of things like adding basic HDMI output and basic wifi integration afterwards, oh and a model that didn’t break on you in less than 3 months).

    So lets be more realistic and say there will be 20 to 35 million more Xbone sales than what is currently out their in customer’s hands confirmed by Gamingbone this holiday season. Yeah that’s not gonna happen either, is it now Gamingbone?
    PS3 proved last gen that NOBODY cares about Backwards Compatibility support of the previous console. They most certainly did not care about it more almost 2 years after the console came out either. I don’t see why the opposite should apply here.

    • DLConspiracy//

      So you think BC is not important to people? Even though it was the number 1 voted change asked by gamers? Maybe you don’t like BC but I think all those who begged for BC would disagree. People act like BC is so stupid. Shouldn’t we be encouraging these companies to allow BC at the start of EVERY gen? It SHOULD be included and it is a perk to any gamer who values playing games.

      Even if there is less people who want it. Don’t you think that is a great service to gamers that they offer it? After all PC gaming allows full BC. Why can’t consoles do it? They SHOULD do it. Old games are not bad.

    • Aggrobiscuit

      It’s not that he doesn’t care about BC, he’s just doing some purchase validation.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Very much so.

    • Aggrobiscuit

      If the when the ps2 had it, everyone loved it, when the ps3 and ps4 cant do it, nobody cares about it.

  • RA3030

    I think it’s wishful thinking on Microsoft’s part and Microsoft is doing what Microsoft does best and that’s hype their goods. The will sell many Xbox One’s this Holiday and outsell the PS4 in North America but globally the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One by a couple million or more.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Stfu and go ask Sony why they’re taking away features

    • Mark


    • RA3030

      What features is Sony taking away from you and why would I ask them about it? There a reason you can’t ask them yourself?

    • BAD ADSc

      Well thats what ALL companys do.
      Hype there products to sell more,its called business..


    just need black ops 2

    • Mark

      Yup, that’s the remedy

  • phar0ahad3

    Arent they more likely to jump to ps4 especially with not true backwards compatibility………..

    • JoinTheRest

      not when the ps4 has nothing but JRPG anime rubbish

    • phar0ahad3

      You can type some garbage like that and not be completely biased right ?

    • Tech junkie

      How is it not true BC. It’s every game the devs allow. If the devs say no there’s not a lot Microsoft can do about that. The games were licenced for 360 not xbox one.
      I think Devs would be stupid not to. It costs them nothing and allows for potential sales of digital and dlc. Likely physical would be bought used.

  • JoinTheRest

    I have 3 friends who were ps4 owners who sold their ps4’s to play forza 6… Most amazing racing game.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      After the forced corridor racr #delayClub was an epic fail, yeah

    • nismo370z

      stop lying

    • Rodney Patrick

      Why he got to be a liar? Is it because they sold their ps4? Why are you so mad

  • Barry Harden

    Of course they will cuz XBone doesn’t have enough interesting games to play. The lower resolution Xbox360 games are not an issue since most XBone owners are used to playing 900p and lower titles.

    • Fweds

      That’s odd because I was just playing Forza 6 at 1080p at a LOCKED 60 FPS something the PS4 can’t do.

      Yer the ps4 really has some interesting games !, there’s remaster’s and a couple of flops so I take it you like indie games.

    • Leticia Agarwal

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    • Cypher-Unknown

      I always smile when I see a fanboy trying to fight another fanboy with equally idiotic comments. Well played sir.

    • Rodney Patrick


    • Cypher-Unknown

      Haha! You’re just full of eloquent and worthwhile comments, aren’t you? You too should try smiling, it might make you look and sound a little less miserable.


    • BAD ADSc

      No interesting games?
      Tomb raider looks good and crackdown and quantum break and halo 5 and scale bound..
      And the PS4 has??????

    • Jamie Togan

      Tearaway, Until Yawn and The Nathan Rip off Collection, that comes with no online MP because Sony ripped it out LOL. Sony knew the masses of idiots would still buy the game, despite it having content removed from it. Note that this game is still being sold at FULL retail price SMH… Can you imagine the backlash MS would of got, if they pulled a stunt like this?…

    • Barry Harden
    • Aggrobiscuit

      Lettuce be honest, neither console has interesting games right now. The first couple of interesting games (both 2015 titles) have been multiplatform.

    • Aggrobiscuit

      Your BC jealousy is showing. Oh wait, you guys do have BC, but it’s an inferior streaming service which you have to pay for.

      Interesting how Sony went from underdog to evil corporation that’ll hang you by your ankles til all the money falls out of your pockets in one single generation hop.

    • Barry Harden

      Why would I need BC when I still have my PS3?? Most people who came from Xbox360 wouldn’t even need to play the old PS3 games since they wanted next-gen gaming.

      The only thing BC is good for is to add in more games to XBone users since they’re used to low-res gaming. That’s all it is. Don’t expect every game to appear on BC since you know most games will only be from Micro$oft’s library.

      As for “evil corporation”, Sony is in no position to be that type of company. They were the ones who kept the console price low in the beginning. They were the ones who allowed used discs and rentals on their system. They were the ones who didn’t need their console to be connected 24/7 to the internet. It rewarded them in spades so why would they change a winning formula?

  • Fweds

    NOTICE “Revolver Ocelot”, “XRAT” and his many other names is using his $10 UPVOTE BOT on the SONY FANBOY comments.

  • HisDivineOrder

    I think if they had this from Day 1, the scenario he’s suggesting would have played out IF and WHEN backward compatibility is working across a LARGE number of games.

    That said, now it’s kinda late. Two years in (and it’s still not working atm) and lots of people are just keeping their 360’s and buying a PS4 to game with their friends who probably already have a PS4.

    That’s the problem Microsoft has. They Lived by the Live and now they’ll die by the PSN.

  • elizabeth

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