All Wii U games do not need to be in glorious, full-blown HD- Iwata

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While the Wii U is completely capable of delivering glorious HD graphics, Nintendo doesn’t think it’s necessary for all Wii U games to be in full HD. They do not want to get stuck in a tech-based competition against their rivals.

“As we will showcase the Wii U at E3 in June this year, the detailed announcements must wait until then, but we are aiming to make a system which shall not be forced into competing with the others where the contenders can fight only with massive developer resources and long development times as their weapons,” said Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata during an investor Q&A last week.

“Looking at the software for home console systems, there are certainly the software titles for which very rich graphics must be reproduced on HD displays and which demand a large number of developers to spend a very long time to develop.

“It is one of the truths that a certain number of such software titles must be prepared, or the consumers will not be satisfied. But we do not think that any and all the software must be created in that fashion.

“When you look at Nintendo’s software, extraordinary rich graphics, massive gameplay volume and astonishing rendition effects are not necessarily the appealing point. It is, in fact, important for us that our games are appealing in other ways as well.”

Using Nintendo’s quirky game, Rhythm Thief as an example, he said, “If we had adopted rich photo-realistic graphics, it would have lost much of its appeal.”

“It is not necessary for us to deploy a huge number of people in order to develop such games,” he continued, stating that, more than ever, Nintendo is bringing in third parties when it does need to develop more graphically complex titles.

“When we need massive power and have a lack of internal resources, we collaborate with outside resources and pour necessary resources to where they are needed. We are increasing the frequency of working with outside developers where Mr. Miyamoto and our internal developers alone used to develop.

“What’s important here is not to narrow down what we can do. Rather, we have to create the dynamic range of appeals that the consumers can appreciate.”

However, he thinks there are several franchises that will benefit from Wii U’s HD capabilities, like Zelda. “As I mentioned, it is true that, in some software areas, we need to be engaged in the power games.

“Take The Legend of Zelda franchise, for example, the fans must be looking for the graphic representations that they do not see as cheap at all when the title is released for the Wii U. When it is necessary, we do not hesitate to role out our resources.”

Nintendo has announced that the Wii U will be out worlwide by the end of this year. They might even rename the system, and I won’t complain if they do so.

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  • aka we’re mostly going to be making cheap-looking games again because it costs less and it’s easier and people are going to buy it regardless

    There are absolutely no games that could not be better with enhanced animation/graphics. Kirby on the Wii looks like recycled Nintendo DS crap. I was all gung ho for Wii U but this article scares me. I am afraid the Nintendo will give the HD treatment to a few games to make everyone look at the capabilities and then retreat to using rehashed crap after a while. I am not saying I want Mario to resemble a true italian plumber with mayo stains and all but look at the cartoon-y games that were capable on the PS3 such as LBP, Ratchet, and Sly Cooper…they are BEAUTIFUL! YEs they still look like a cartoon. Aim for this Nintendo and please win back your true fans

  • ME

    Funnny. Most Nintendo fans I know whom are singing this system it’s praises seem to harp on the HD thing quite hard. Interesting to see Nintendo come out and squash that.

  • You’ve totally misinterpreted that quote. I’m reading this as ‘Not every game needs to be AAA quality on our system because we don’t like long developments cycles and using massive resources on every single game’. There are no disadvantages to not displaying something in HD, even Nintendo knows that.

    • It is when rivalling handheld consoles are giving out better graphics, which would factor in the better ‘overall experience’. Their only counter for this would probably be only cheap games.

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  • charles2029

    Right, it doesn’t NEED to be in HD, but it would be nice and might even sell some systems and keep gamers interested because of it.


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