Amazing Legend of Zelda Secrets You May Have Never Known About

These Legend of Zelda secrets will take you back to the day, when gaming was more simple.

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What can you say about the The Legend of Zelda games that hasn’t already been said for the past few decades? The Legend of Zelda is one of those franchises that defined gaming and defined us as gamers.  The Zelda games have always been challenging, memorable, funny, and too good to miss out on. It was one of those games that when you came home from school,  you went straight to the game and you just had to forget about eating or showering.

Out of all Nintendo’s games and possibly other gaming companies, The Legend of Zelda is often considered one of Nintendo’s most important and popular franchises. With that said, here are some of the most surprising and fun trivia that will take you veteran gamers way back.

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Note: List is in random order.

The Naming of Princess Zelda

Do you ever wonder how Princess Zelda got her name? Well interestingly enough, Shigeru Miyamoto named the Princess of Hyrule after the wife of well-known author, F. Scott Fitzgerald who penned the Great Gatsby. The name Zelda became quite famous after the game’s release, so much so that many popular actors started naming their daughters Zelda.

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  • RG

    The original Ganon needs to be killed with Light Arrows

    • Swinny

      The original has to be killed by silver not light arrows

  • martin

    Forgot to mention the pictures of mario and stuff in hyrule castle in OoT

  • Mr Blubberbutter

    How exactly are these “Amazing Legend of Zelda Secret”? Most of these don’t have anything to do with secrets.

  • Swinny

    The boomerang isnt in every zelda game to date not even close!!! Who ever made this article is a moron


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