Amazing Xbox 720 Designs, which one would you want to be real?

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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 completes 5 years this November. Time flies, doesn’t it? Sooner or later Microsoft will reveal the Xbox 3 or the Xbox 720. But we just don’t know when. It was confirmed back in 2007 by the then head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division; Peter Moore that new console can come out, depending on what kind of CPUs will be available on the market in 2011-2012.
There have been numerous Xbox 720/Xbox 3/Xbox handheld designs designs by various people around the world.  We can’t say for sure whether the next release will be a console or a handheld but we have collected 10 awesome designs for your viewing. If you have something to add please mention them in the comments sections below.
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  • jeffrey

    number 4 is fucking awsome it looks cool and its hand held xbox does need to get in to the hand held though and if they do create #4 all the other hand held companies are going down and the united states is microsoft territory bitches


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