Are Games Surpassing Real World Visuals? GTA 4 Liberty City Vs. New York City

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The ENB mod for Grand Theft Auto 4 is surely creating some hype in the games industry. Some have claimed that this is what the next generation of video games will look like and some are already claiming that this is proof that video games are already  surpassing real world visuals.
Is that really the case? Please check the gallery below where we have compared real life visuals from New York City the one inspired by it in Grand Theft Auto IV. Please do note the images are not aimed to achieve pixel to pixel comparison, but rather, they are used for representation purpose.
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What do you guys think? Are Games Surpassing Real World Visuals? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • What is this? Of course games can’t surpass real world visuals. Are you guys trolling us? FUU.

  • Dude are you dumb?

  • I can’t believe this article was even created, let alone posted and shown to the world. how can anything look better than reality? reality will always be the best looking thing no matter what. i usually don’t say this, but this is definitely a stupid article asking a stupid question that obviously had no thought put into either of them whatsoever.

  • No games aren’t surpassing real world aspects but i think in due time and with innovation we aren’t far from rivaling real world locations and games will someday be photo-realistic (:

  • If you wanted this to look better than real life, you shouldn’t have used photography. Or photographs. Because it doesn’t. And when it does we will tell you.

  • I think games surpassed real world visuals. Real world only uses directx10 but we are now at directx11.
    Real world needs to upgrade its hardware, its getting old. If you compare, this generation of consoles have been on the market for 5 years but real world haven’t done an upgrade since big bang… and that was very long time ago.
    I think we should show our disappointment in real world by spending more time on virtual worlds.

  • what terrible choice of words, you can’t surpass real world visuals! if you surpass it then its no longer real world DUH

  • I have News for You: VIRTUAL IS PART OF THE REAL WORLD. . hA ! wut ? wut? :)))

  • Nothing like the real thing.

  • Virtual reality can never “surpass” reality – it can only catch up, or in some future case, completely mimic it. If “real” is the end game, you can’t really surpass it.

    Why am I even here?…

  • Hm

    We’ve never even seen the real world – we’re all living in the Matrix. Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now? Hmm.

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  • about

  • im getting an hd video stream looking out my window but it has to buffer, i hate when real life buffers!!!!

  • you


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