Artomatix CTO Clarifies Comments On PS4 Pro’s 4K Checkerboarding, Talks ‘Neural Network Upscaling’

“I can’t argue with Sony’s logic.”

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The CTO of Artomatix, Eric Risser, recently shared his opinion on the PS4 Pro, and its checkerboard upscaling technique to deliver 4K images, exclusively with GamingBolt. His verdict was that while the PS4 Pro is an impressive machine, he was a bit disappointed at Sony choosing to go with a relatively simplistic upscaling technique like checkerboard rendering.

In a follow up statement to GamingBolt, however, Risser clarified his stance, noting that Sony choosing checkerboard rendering makes sense- it just disappoints him a little from a tech perspective.

“Although the nerd in me is a little disappointed, I can’t argue with Sony’s logic for going with a signal processing strategy, they’re reliable and safe, it’s what people have been doing for years. That said, I think in the long run, better quality and performance can be gained by using neural network upscaling,” he said.

“Here at Artomatix we’ve developed our upscaling technology for a slightly different application. Our focus is upscaling old game assets so they can be re-used in new games, rather than being re-made from scratch. For games like Tomb Raider as an example, the developers have invested a lot of time and money building a library of textures: tree-bark, rock, grass, etc. which they mostly have to abandon when moving to a new console generation that can handle higher resolution textures. The idea with our upscaling technology is to recycle those old assets for the next generation. Also, classic games like Ocarina of Time or Shadow of the Colossus could be remastered with better game art, not just rendered at a higher resolution.

“We’re also exploring our upscaling approach for old video footage. Imagine if the Simpsons from the early 90’s could be automatically re-synthesized to look like the latest season. I think the same idea could be used for console’s in the future. By using advanced real-time upscaling techniques, it should be possible to actually decrease the number of pixels that are currently being rendered, while getting higher resolution at a better visual quality. Our peers at Magic Pony Ltd. were working on a similar idea for utilizing neural network upscaling on streaming internet video, they were recently bought by Twitter for $150m.”

His idea certainly sounds exciting to me- especially the applications that he describes.

Thoughts on Eric’s clarification? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Psionicinversion

    no doubt he felt he had to clarify his response after getting attacked, given death threats and swatted by sony lamers

  • Riggybro

    Why does this guy have such a personal interest in Sony’s upscaling decisions?

    “Here at Artomatix we’ve developed our upscaling technology…”

    Oh right. I see…

    • He needs to sell his product

  • efnet

    Oh yea? I bet this guy got hate mail out the a*s for his comments…

    • Terminator

      Don’t they always. PS fanboys are really known for that kind of behavior. What a cancer they are.

    • Aenea

      Eh, sadly, fanatical fans on any side do this sorta thing and I don’t get it…

  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimps ruined again, poor little sweeties.

  • crazy_black_man-

    Funny. The bigmouths always seem to retract their statements for some reason(loss of money).

  • ShowanW

    im pretty sure a mix of death threats and potential loss of business may have paid a roll in, this gentleman “clarifying” himself…

    when you’re a Middleware company in this industry, you have to be very careful on what you say and how you say it…

    next time think of the question being asked, and more importantly, how your answer is going to be perceived.

    • Aenea

      Tho gamingdolt is good at singling out that little thing that out of context sounds like an awesome click bait article!

  • Aenea

    So basically his own upscaling technique works on existing assets?

    Two things come to mind here:
    1) checkerboard rendering, even tho many people seem to want to call it upscaling, isn’t really upscaling in the traditional sense. It can’t be used on existing assets like textures for instance (or completely rendered frames), it’s a technique that’s tied heavily into the rendering pipeline (it doesn’t do small image in, bigger image out like a normal upscale).
    2) neural net upscaling sounds rather resource heavy and I’m wondering if it would even be possible to use it on real-time data at all and if it is possible how many GPU resources it’s gonna take to make it work.

    So I’m basically wondering if this technique would even be usable and if checkerboard rendering isn’t a better way of using the Pro’s GPU resources….


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