Assassins Creed 3: What To Expect

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With Brotherhood being unanimously considered one of the best games of last year, it’s safe to say that we gamers are united in anticipation for the next Assassin’s Creed title. We caught wind of a new Assassin’s Creed game being in development for the 3DS at last year’s E3 but, whilst there is a certain hype that will accompany any release within the AC franchise, Lost Legacy is clearly intended to be a spin off title. Much like the handheld releases that accompanied the release of AC2, Lost Legacy looks set to further expand on the character of Ezio, but it’s probable that it will not further the overarching plot elements of the core franchise. Ubisoft have been consistently hinting at a third main Assassin’s Creed title launching sometime between now and the first quarter of 2012 but, with such a long wait until our next fix of open-world stealth action, we ought to sit back and think what we’d want from Assassin’s Creed 3.

There’s no point in speculating upon rumours that have already been put to rest, so we ought to round up what we already know about Assassin’s Creed 3. The first thing we have a handle on is the issue of character. Jean-Francois Boivin of Ubisoft has mentioned in interviews that each full numbered Assassin’s Creed game will introduce a new protagonist to the story. As much as we all loved Ezio, it will certainly be nice to get a bit of distance from him in AC3. We have also heard hints from Patrice Désilets, former series’ creative director, that the plot in the third Assassin’s Creed will focus heavily on Desmond and his cohorts attempting to prevent the end of the world in their own time by locating the temple’s left by “those who came before.” As the game’s have progressed through the series the frame narrative of Desmond and co. has become more and more important to the Assassin’s Creed story. Whilst the modern templars felt like a cheap narrative trick in the original Assassin’s Creed, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the sections of AC2 and Brotherhood where you play as Desmond himself. Whilst it would be interesting to see what Ubisoft would do with an AC game set entirely in a semi-modern setting, this seems unlikely on account of how Desmond will supposedly need to locate the temples that will save the world by investigating the past of yet more of his assassin ancestors. In a way I’m rather disappointed by this idea as, whilst I have really enjoyed all the Assassin’s Creed games up until this point, the idea of inhabiting yet another assassin from the past is starting to get a little old.

Despite a potentially recycled idea getting a little stale, the notion of Desmond investigating more of his ancestral past will open the series up to potentially new and wonderful chronological settings. The rumour mill would have had you believe that AC3 was set for a World War 2 setting, but this notion has been dismissed by AC writer Corey May, who has denied the speculation. This puts us back at square one in a way. Considering the previous games in the series have picked major turning points in history as their settings and have been progressing from the past toward the present, we aren’t left with many options. Perhaps we’ll see a completely new geographical movement for the series and find AC3 set during the Crimean war or Russian revolution. I can certainly see how a period of history so steeped in conflict and political ambiguity such as this could easily sustain the ongoing war between the templars and assassins that characterises the AC universe.

These issues of plot are rather hard to settle on due, in part, to their subjective nature. We’re more likely to be able to predict improvements and additions to gameplay mechanics. One of the smaller additions I enjoyed the most in AC: Brotherhood was the heavy sheath upgrade that allowed Ezio to replace his sword with a heavier weapon. For the first time I could use these different classes of weaponry for more than a single battle, and I didn’t have to steal them from my enemies in order to use them. For all the leaps and bounds the series has made since the original released in 2007 there have been very few new proper weapons introduced and we’d like this to change with AC3.

One of the other new aspects that was a genuinely new feature in Brotherhood was the inclusion of managing, recruiting and utilizing the other Assassins. There was a certain satisfaction in building up your elite guild of silent killers, and it would be great to see this element taking a larger role in Assassin’s Creed 3. I would also be curious to see if the Assassin management could not be expanded to alternate platforms. How awesome would it be to be able to manage your assassins from your iPhone or Android when you’re on the go and have these changes reflected on your 360 game when you get home? With Ubisoft’s Uplay service expanding more and more, it doesn’t seem like too far-fetched an idea to have this online cross-platform connectivity. I won’t be holding my breath, but it certainly would make a nice new addition to the series.

One of the other aspects of managing the Assassin’s Brotherhood that was so enjoyable was seeing them level up bit by bit as they completed their assigned missions. As shallow as the level up system was, it was satisfying knowing that your Assassins were improving all the time. It would certainly add a certain depth to the rest of the game if this sort of RPG element was added to your main character as well. It could also tie in with increasing the weapon variety if they introduced skill trees for each weapon. Allowing players to customize their main character in this way would allow the player’s individual play style to come through more, and will engender a greater bond between player and avatar. That and, we all love seeing our experience bars increase slowly but surely.

Much like how the original Assassin’s Creed presented a great idea that needed to be refined in the subsequent titles, the same can be said of the multiplayer modes we saw in Brotherhood. The multiplayer in Brotherhood introduced something genuinely fresh that made a nice break from the usual space marine crap we’re accustomed to in our online games. The skills and abilities you gained through levelling up were also well balanced and helped diversify the experience. It would be nice to see this multiplayer make a return, but with even more content. Whilst Brotherhood is being complemented by new modes and maps through DLC, we’d like to see AC3 ship with more modes and maps than ever before. With Ubi high ups stating in interviews that AC3 will be a “big game” this seems like a fair shout. More content is always welcome.

I would certainly welcome a few narrative changes to shake up the traditional formula of Assassin’s Creed but, aside from this, the series just needs to finish on a high. With AC3 being the final game in the trilogy, it really just needs to pull out all the stops. We need bigger worlds, more complex characters, more weapons and abilities and just more of everything. The gameplay has always been solid in Assassin’s Creed so just give us more of it. The main make or break point is going to be bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion and, until more details come in, all we can do is hope that this will be the case.

What kind of things are you hoping for in Assassin’s Creed 3? Let us know in the comments.

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  • i hate this series..bcuz it is not made for pc GAMERS!

    • LOL Bandwagon. It plays just fine on PC, don’t be a mindless moron. And learn to spell ‘because’.

  • Tom

    It’s most likely being set in the French Revolution era, purely because during Brotherhood there was a symbol that was used during the French Revolution, can’t remember what it was though.

    I’d like to see the era being Victorian London though, the architecture there would be great for climbing and there is a lot of history there.

    I love the multiplayer and if they applied most of the game modes and new maps with some balances to the gameplay it would be great.

    Can’t wait for this!!

  • It’s going to be set most likely in both American Revolution and French Revolution (after all, they are only about 10 years apart) and we know that American founding fathers and some of the leading figures of French Revolutions def interacted so the connection is more than there.

  • Can I ask as to why you’d be sick of yet another period piece game? If you’re wanting it all to take place in the present, then why not just play pretty much any other game out there? The charm of these games is re-visiting the past and exploring these old cities/lands, I love it. I especially love how they’ve picked settings/times not really covered by any other games out there. I realize that as the final of a trilogy, a lot is going to focus on Desmond in the present. But if that’s what almost the entirety of the game is going to be, count me out. It’s not even AC anymore then.

    I’m not on board with American or French Revolution, just because it takes place during a period when guns were in heavy use. Since this game has always dealt with times when guns were not in regular use, suddenly facing enemies almost entirely using guns/ammunition would completely change the mechanics of the game.

    I read that originally part 2 was supposed to be in Mayan/Aztec times in Mexico, I think that’d be awesome for part 3. We know Desmond’s line has to get to the New World at some point, this would be a good start. Add to that AC2 took place in a period/place that coincides perfectly with the Age of Exploration, and it just makes sense. Perhaps a Desmond ancestor ends up in a Spanish settlement in Mexico and has to pry the Apple from Cortez or Pizzaro (who they could say used it to destroy the indigenous population there). I would LOVE if they set it here! Think of all the temples to climb, the setting works great for an AC game.

  • If youve ever watched Indianna Jones you’ve seen where most of the worlds strange and wonderous artifacts go….some warehouse in america. during the turn of the century and well up untill the 40’s archeologists and paleontologist from american universities travelled the world finding and bringing strange and wonderous artifacts back. What if Desmond’s new ancestor was an italian immigrant before and during prohibition era. plenty of assassinations happened during that time, including a few presidents! he could fight mobsters (they didnt just use tommy guns people) in New York City, the sky scrapers would be perfect, especially since sky scrapers were residential areas as well so they would have flag poles and such to climb on…..or take the elevator? as far as fighting corporations goes the unionization movements from that era would fit nicely for the creation of an abstergo type corporation.

    As for the american revolution, again his ancestor could be an immigrant. George Washington had networks of spies and the East India Company could be an Abstergo substitute. so its not farfetched to try and use the war as a backdrop, although I cannot Imagine there would be much free running. Guns, Really? they used guns that could get off 1 shot a minute if they were lucky! while rifling was used during the american revolution it wasnt used widely and the accuracy of most guns was very poor.

    however, in reality, I bet it will be set in central or south america just because of all the 2012 BS everyone has been talking about. OHNO THEIRE ANCIENT CLOCK ENDS IN 2012 THE ALL POWERFULL AND OMNICIENT MAYANS (who have obviously NEVER been wrong about a mass human extinction before…except their own) MUST HAVE LEFT THAT AS A WARNING FOR US OMG! so stupid

    as for desmond, I think it would be cool if between each “memory block” in the next game, he would have to travel to a new location to get in an animus. he could free run from skyscraper to skyscraper in a metropolis, run through the forests in some remote village, etcetera etcetera. oh and abstergo templars could chase him….hey he could even assassinate people, like have his own target(s).

    just speculation but it would be cool

  • i think they should make more then ac3 because the game is the most beautiful thing i ever played and really shows the real picture of today’s world

  • JK

    I just hope its not a trilogy…i don’t want the sereis to end….I hope there will be AC3 and AC4 and AC5 and so on………its simply one of the best games i ever played if not the best…

  • I hope they make this game Assassin creed 3 multiplayer

  • I think Victorian Era or the New World exploration would be fantastic. Either one, it brings a lot of history into the game, which I’ve always fancied from the series. I hope they make it something worthwhile with both the history, game-play mechanics from the other ACs, and make the game as splendid as the others.
    Also, I hope they don’t make it during the Revolutions because ‘Tino’ said, it would take the whole game-play of AC out if they overused guns. I don’t think they’ll use those time periods, and I certainly don’t think it’ll work out in the World War II time period. It would seem to become another war/mindless shooting game.
    Hopefully, they will also try to create an offline multiplayer mode because my brother and I definitely would love to see that!

  • I don’t think it’ll be a bad idea to have it during the founding times of America, or the New World exploration (John Smith, Pochahontas anyone?) . I could definitely see an italian (or whatever) assassin concept in my head that would go with the fashion of the time.

    Let’s think about this a different way though. What skills and information would Desmond need to go back in time for still? Well, first, there’s the locaiton of the temple, though the DLC reveals to us that we have to do something in New York (past or present). So, naturally, Desmond’s training would need to involve a larger, city-style method of free running, climbing large buildings (not just Borgia towers, which pale in comparison to sky scrapers). We also need to figure out where this temple is. Is it in New York? Maybe! Is it somewhere else? Also maybe! Point is, Desmond needs to learn where it is and, in the process, teach himself how to master the art of being a master assassin in an urban environment.

    Also, in this game, we have to close up the Abstergo thing, stop the end of the world, figure out where the pieces of Eden are and do somethin’ with them, tie up “those that came before” ‘s mysterious past, and somehow figure out how all that plays together.

    When they say that it may focus on Desmond’s timeline more, I’m excited. We’ve spent a lot of time exploring Desmond’s past, learning his secrets, learning about the world both in big and in small ways. It’s time that the delve into the past take the back burner to the game’s true storyline — Desmond’s role in saving the world. Time and time again, we see aspects of Ezio’s life where he knows it is not meant for him, messages through him to Desmond. The game’s have built this mythic, legendary destiny for Desmond and we have yet to see him take more than a few steps on his true path.

    Don’t you think it’s time?


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