Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gets New Patch That Fixes Up PS4 Pro Support

Support for 4K resolution now improved.

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was one of the many games that were patched to provide support retroactively for the PS4 Pro, but as was the case with many such games, implementation was barebones, and more importantly, poor and inconsistent, leading to an array of distracting issues that made the game worse on Sony’s new console.

However, a new patch for the game is now out, one that fixes up the bevy of issues that the game had on the Pro. Specifically, the new update makes it so that the implementation of (upscaled) 4K resolution in the game on PS4 Pro is more consistent than it was previously. It’s still not as ideal as a game made for the PS4 Pro from the ground up would be- but it’s something, I suppose.

You can download the patch for the game now from PSN. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  • Eliezer Barreto

    It’s still not as ideal as a game made for the PS4 Pro from the ground up would be- but it’s something, I suppose.

    Many people doesn’t understand this part.

  • justerthought

    I’m still waiting for AC Unity to be patched for PS4 Pro in the hope that they will improve the awful triggered event latency issues which often ignored your commands. It’s not related to controller latency which is consistent and very small.

    Example 1: throwing a smoke bomb during a fight, nothing happens because the processor is too busy working AI trying to kill you, so you throw another, nothing happens, so you throw another. Then when the battle is over, all three smoke bombs trigger in quick succession, totally waisting them. Sometimes you die in the battle because they were supposed to allow your escape, and then trigger after your death.

    Example 2: rapidly climb up a wall with enemy busy shooting you and press the button to slide left into a window. Your command is ignored because the processor is too busy working the enemy and you go right past the window. You then have to come back down and try again, it’s ignored again and you get killed.

    Those are my lasting memories of Assassins’s Creed now, so the franchise is blacklisted because it was never fixed. All games suffer these problems to a lesser extent, but non so blatantly obvious and frustrating as AC Unity.

    Even if a PS4 Pro patch did not fully cure these serious issues, it would at least have been some form of compensation to bring me back on board by increasing the resolution with downsampling to 1080p or improving the frame rates, but it looks like that is not going to happen.

    The Far Cry series is the only Ubisoft franchise that fully delivers the goods and it looks like Ghost Recon Wildlands is adopting the Far Cry model, while maintaining the 3rd person strategy shooter gameplay. So it’s not all bad news from Ubisoft.


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