Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Will be First PS4 Stereoscopic 3D Title – Report

No official word makes it less than a done deal.

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While the PS4 is better than the PS3 in almost every conceivable way, there is one feature that was available on the last generation console that hasn’t really made an appearance is the ability to play a game using the stereoscopic 3D functionality. It looks as though that might be changing once Assassin’s Creed Syndicate launches later this year. If the listing on the official PlayStation store page can be believed, it would make this game the first to use on the feature on the PS4.

The problem, of course is that the feature isn’t one that Ubisoft has ever really talked about. It’s possible the company just knows that there aren’t a ton of people out there that use the 3D function. It’s also possible the company has been spending more time laying out why this game is so perfect for the PS4. Ubisoft clearly has a lot of cleaning up to do after the launch of Unity. It’s also possible that the listing was simply wrong.

The PS4 has the same capabilities that the PS3 does when it comes to the ability to play games using the 3D Stereoscopic feature. There are quite a few games that have been playable using this function on the old console. So far, there hasn’t even been a mention of any games getting ready to offer the feature on the PS4. It won’t be long until we find out for sure, considering that  Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 23.

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  • Darren Kendrick

    The first game to use the feature… erm, nope, sniper elite 3 did and one of those early titles, side platformer with a wizard and knight, can’t remember, either way, most definitely not the first.

  • 3D gaming is awesome. Batman Arkham City and Uncharted 3 had it. Amazing gaming experiences. People dont just have to have 3D tvs. They could have 3D projectors and monitors too. With vr on the horizon 3D is about to make a big comeback to stay. That and movies like Star Wars Episode 7 will bring back 3D to glory. Anyone saying 3D is dead must not realize they see with two eyes.

    • SpaceJockey

      Couldn’t agree more.. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Really added to the immersive nature of the game..

    • Restlessmv86

      Very good point man… I have a 3D TV, and I play every game I have in 3D now, even the “Simulated 3D” looks amazing (especially if your playing on a 4k screen) I agree that movies like Star Wars are going to make it a thing to stay, it already is in the movies… Developers need to keep making AAA titles 3D capable though to add to the already awesome immersion.

  • Hugh Juan

    Zombie Army Trilogy and War Thunder too. Is it GamingBolt wrongly saying this is the first or Ubisoft?

    • *Also On PC

      Trine 2 as well. Sony peasants don’t like hearing about it because all three of those are 720P in Steroscopic mode on PS4 :^)

  • justerthought

    I cannot believe Ubisoft. Are they stupid. They ruin AC Unity by flooding the game with hoards of unnecessary annoying NPC’s that overloaded the PS4 CPU causing frame rate and control input lag issues.

    Now they are handicapping the PS4 again by burdening AC Syndicate with stereoscopic 3D rubbish that only a small percentage of users can ever use.

    If they want to impress us to buy the game, I suggest they stop the useless gimmicks that sap PS4 performance, and give us good gameplay and good stories. They are driving the fans away instead attracting them.

  • DeadChime

    I just played AC Unity… Technical aspects apart, the game is awful… It will be my last AC. Especially when Ubisoft continues implementing useless feature like the stereoscopic 3D…

  • SpaceJockey

    Couldn’t agree more.. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Really added to the immersive nature of the game..

  • *Also On PC

    Will be lauded as an “Amazing” feature till it turns out it runs 720P 30FPS because of the dual reprojection like War Thunder, Zombie Army Trillogy and Trine 2. All 720P in 3D mode on PS4

    Poor console peasants cucked again.

  • This Guy

    Wow, this feature was so used last gen. lol. This will just turn into another line of text on a box that fanboys will brag about even though they don’t use it.

  • Aggie CEO

    The first? Trine 2 was a 3D title at launch…..

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