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Sony Has Started R&D On Its Next Generation System

But the PS4 just came out...

Nintendo Discontinuing 8GB Wii U in Japan

I didn't realize it was still a thing...

AMD and Nvidia Trade Blows Over PC Version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

AMD claims Nvidia is sabotaging game performance on competing products.

Valve Will Fix The Hitboxes In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A near miss is a miss, but a hit should never be a miss.

Arizona Sunshine Will Support SteamVR via the HTC Vive

The name may not imply it, but this is a horror game with zombies and stuff.

H1Z1 Developers Unbanning Cheaters Who Apologize Publicly on YouTube

'There are consequences to cheating.'

Windows 10 Will Launch on Xbox One Sometime After Summer

New Xbox Experience.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Releasing on Nintendo 3DS Later This Year

Brand new game in the franchise hits Nintendo's handheld soon.

You Can Watch Sony’s E3 Press Conference In Theaters Again This Year

As long as you are in the US or Canada, that is.

CD Projekt RED: Consoles Made Witcher 3 Possible

'Without the consoles, Witcher 3 wouldn't exist.'

Samurai Warriors 4-II Releasing October 2

Newest game features a new direction for the series.

King’s Quest Gets a New Development Diary

Simply gorgeous.

Ahead of the second beta, new trailer launches for Combat Arms: Line of Sight

Get a leg up on everyone else playing in the beta.

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