Batman: Arkham Knight – 15 Amazing Facts That You Might Not Be Aware of

Know everything about what is supposed to be Rocksteady’s last game in the Arkham series.

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On June 23, prepare yourself to save Gotham one last time– well, one last time for a Rocksteady Studios developed Batman, that is. That’s right, this is it. Rocksteady Studios have determined that this is indeed their final game in the critically acclaimed Arkham series. And they’ve made sure there’ll be no villain left unpunched; no inch of city left unexplored; and no gadget left untouched. A quintessential, no-holds-barred, truly next-gen experience, only for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Many secrets ooze from Gotham’s lowest depths and darkest corners; awaiting our Dark Knight to unlock them all. With power of Detective Mode on hand, years of training world wide, and a keen eye for inventing, Bruce Wayne is ready to kick some serious butt.

With new threats scouring the city’s farthest reaches and old enemies uniting for a common cause, Rocksteady Studios are squeezing every drop of talent from every member of the team to make Batman’s final journey feel as fresh and innovative as his first.

What else could be concealed from Arkham’s past that might play in its future? Are there hidden facts veiled within the trailer? Let’s take a more in depth look, clear up those blurred lines, and discover 15 awesome facts that you probably don’t know about Batman: Arkham Knight.

Arham Knight’s Size

JohnnyCharisma Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Asylum was pretty standard fair for its time: the beginning. Standard layouts of almost platforming goodness filled the Asylum’s quarters on a small with a quaint little Batcave all tucked into a tight little nook. Arkham City upped Asylum by literally giving Batman a city-sized playground. Arkham City was a beautiful, gothic marvel; high rises to ascend, sewers to crawl through. It was truly all there. But Arkham City was last gen.

Arkham Knight quells its past for current gen. Boasting a city five times that of Arkham City, Arkham Knight becomes Batman’s newest and biggest playground… scratch that… sandbox yet. Let’s just hope we don’t spot Joe Cool counting pearls in an alley corner somewhere. Oh, too soon?

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  • Christopher Crosby

    Harley call Joker her “PUDDIN” not “sugar.”

  • Corey Peters

    when is the Bargirl DLC out i payed to play as her

  • Collin Strassburg

    First of all, it’s Joe Chill. Second, why would he be counting pearls? Arkham knight doesn’t even take place in that part of Gotham, which you would know If you actually had exclusive information from playing the game (which you clearly didn’t) and counting random pearls would be just asking batman to punch him. Third, it’s not too soon, it’s just an unfunny attempt at shock humor. “I hope we don’t see judas counting the nails he’s gonna nail Jesus with” was that funny? No, it’s the same thing as your poor attempt at acting like you’re a comic need (spoiler: I am one) by referencing one of he most well known events in comic history. Fourth, you didn’t even play the Harley Quinn story pack, so leave arkham city alone, b/c the boxes say that most tests may provide false positives. I’ll be back here after I finish reading what you copied off the wikia from 2014.
    P.S. Good on you for pointing that out, Chris!

  • Mohamed Elgummi

    For even more amazing facts watch:

  • Yochip

    LOL, using a picture of an action figure for the third page

  • Wesley Jones

    Besides in arkham city yes there’s a lot a positive pregnancy test but later there’s like a thousand negative ones

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