Battalion 1944 Dev On The Ongoing FPS/Resolution Debate Between PS4 And Xbox One: “It’s Frustrating”

‘We can’t win!’

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Battalion 1944 2

One of the big things that has marked this generation of console gaming is the eternal quest for that elusive 1080p- it’s this generation’s version of ‘blast processing,’ a gimmick that ultimately amounts to nothing. Unlike previous generation, where major graphical differences like framerate or texture quality marked the difference between two versions of a multiplatform game, this generation, we’re all reduced to counting the lines and pixels on our screen- and all because ‘1080p’ has become such a marketing buzzword.

Surely developers find this frustrating too? When we got the chance to talk to Alex Preece of Big Tuna, the folks behind Battalion 1944, we decided to spring the question on him- as a developer, what is his take on the unending resolution wars? What was his take on the newfound obsession with framerates in video games?

“It’s frustrating as a developer to get blamed for bad framerate, because chances are the graphics are pretty good!” Preece said. “But if we lower the graphics to benefit the frame rate, we get flamed for having bad graphics, we can’t win! Players need to understand the job of a developer more, our community have been excellent and understanding our process in making Battalion, we just need the rest of the gaming world to follow their suit!”

What he says does make sense- game development is always a series of trade offs and compromises, especially given player expectations. The audience expects a certain level of graphical fidelity at this point- but to hit that, framerate must be sacrificed. And if a game does prioritize framerate, then the graphics must be sacrificed, like what happened with Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One last year.

I guess this would be one reason why upgraded consoles like the rumored PS4 Neo are ultimately a good idea.

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  • davide

    I Like the graphics of Halo 5 Guardians and also the game hav good Physics of object and Body,and it also run at 1080P 60FPS and it looks so much better than Killzone (1080p 30fps) to me that i own and like too but Halo 5 is better in graphics,physics and gameplay for me.

    • GK15

      Yeah Halo 5 looks great. Not sure what the article is saying here.

    • Edonus

      That’s just the c&#ksucker gaming media again. Halo 5 is a beautiful game and easily the best MP experience you can get on consoles (probably gaming). More content, completeness and versatility than any game released this gen. Don’t expect any of these outlets to ever give it its props.

    • xjumper

      Halo 5 looks awful. Nothing impressive in that game. And its not 1080p either.

    • davide

      First i can be happy without 1080P too is why i’m a videogamer and i’m happy,coz i love games,instead of hate it like you do.
      Second If what you say is truth,so i hope to see more awful games in future,coz i not see games with halo5 quality from more time

  • Mr Xrat

    What debate? Xbone is and always will be a joke. Everyone accepted that a long time ago. Well, everyone except Xgimps, and no one cares what they think.

    • Edonus

      Tbe people that excepted that the “Xbone” is a joke are the gaming media raped victims….. don’t worry …. you are not alone. There is lots of you. You all sooth each other and reinforce your ideas that you aren’t captives being bent over and violated. I would rather stay unviolated and play the best. If you want the best shooters….. you are on the X1….. the best racers….. X1….. best TPS…… X1…… competitive or Co-op multiplayer….. X1.,,,, the controller is better.

    • Mr Xrat

      Sorry, but in reality the Xbone is fried dogshit. Cope with it. 🙂

  • crizz1066

    LOL and whose fault is it?? M$!! They released the lowest powered machine they thought they could get away with. Forcing developers to spend extra time and effort trying to squeeze out every last drop they can from the poor hamster stuck at the center of the thing. I’ve never thought it the fault of developers, I always felt sorry they have to design for the VCR.


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