Battlefield 1 PS4 Gamers Won’t Be Turned Off By Xbox One Deal – EA

EA CEO Andrew Wilson says Battlefield 1 is a game for every major platform holder.

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Battlefield 1

One of the interesting trends that is going on in the video game industry these days is that game publishers are working out special deals with the companies that are making the current generation consoles. When it comes to EA and Battlefield 1, there has been a deal struck which means Microsoft and the Xbox One get a direct tie in to the upcoming game.

While not entirely new, this kind of deal hasn’t been around that long and because of that, there are always concerns striking a deal like this will alienate the users on the other console. However, EA doesn’t believe there will be PS4 users who will feel like they were shunned because of the deals struck with the Xbox One.

“This is a game for PlayStation as much as it is for Xbox as much as it is for PC,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said during a recent earnings call. “I don’t seem any limiters to our ability reach a really broad audience of gamers across the whole shooter spectrum.”

Battlefield 1 is due this year for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Fweds

    I don’t get it, why would a PS4 owner be bothered about this when Sony do exactly the same type of deals on the PS4 “Star wars”, “Call of duty”, Destiny etc.?

    Has the media finally run out of ideas of how to get the mind numbingly boring PS4 v Xbox One type of arguments going again.

    • CouldntComeUpWithAName

      My exact thoughts.


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