Battlefield 3 PS3 vs PC: 720P HD Video Comparison

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Battlefield 3 was demonstrated a few hours ago on the PS3. So how does it compare with the PC version. Lets check that out below:

Note: The gameplay to the right is from the PlayStation 3 version and one to the left is from the PC version.

Please click the play image above. For some reason embedding is not working on our Youtube channel. We will update this post once that happens.

Update: We finally got it embedded.

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  • I see TONS of n00bs in here.

    People who don’t understand the technology we are using should not comment on it.

    FACT: The PS3 has raw processing power over the Xbox – to which some of it’s graphics processing is owed.
    FACT: The Xbox has the better graphics card.

    Both consoles actually run very close in terms of performance with the way they’re both configured. The Xbox 360 is known for making multi-platform titles look far better than the PS3 does. The PS3 is known for making console exclusive titles look better than a lot of multi-platform titles.

    That’s just how it is. It’s all in how the technology is utilized. Porting software back and forth between multiple platforms just isn’t the PS3’s cup of tea. The reason? Because developing for the PS3 is far harder than it is for other platforms because the Cell processor is specialized and requires specific training for software architects. Truth be told? Developers actually DISLIKE developing for the PS3 due to it’s over-complex nature.

    The Xbox on the other hand uses a familiar PPC64 architecture. It’s just as familiar to many developers as the x86 PC platform. That’s why PC and Xbox get preference most times with developers.

    There is a reason why the PS3 hasn’t sold as well as the Xbox.

    For those of you who get upset about the PC platform… You have to understand that we PC guys do a hell of a lot more with our machines than just play games. Those among us who are enthusiasts spend the money because we are an impatient people and hate waiting for anything. We also tend to strive for perfection in the highest caliber. Plus it’s just fun to build the machines. Money really isn’t an object. When I finally got to building my first gaming machine in 7 years, I worked two jobs for a while just to build up the funds for it.

    $3,000 later, I was happy. This machine will last me for approximately 4-5 years if I do it right. It will do EVERYTHING I expect my computer to do…and it will do it FAST. It will do it with absolute quality.

    Once you make the whole machine, it’s just a matter of spending a few hundred dollars here and there to maintain an upgrade path. You have to be smart about it. You don’t upgrade every six months. Maybe upgrade the graphics cards every 1-2 years. Eventually you swap the CPU and board for newer stuff. The power supply shouldn’t need upgrading if you buy the right one with enough output capability to support future parts. (Assuming you didn’t buy a crappy one that dies on you after a while.) Sound card, chassis and hard drives you shouldn’t have to replace for forever.

    What most people imagine when they hear “PC” is the initial cost of buying a good one. YES it costs more than consoles to keep updated… But my machine will continue to be capable of running the newer, high-caliber software and games as they come out. It won’t be left behind like the consoles are.

    But again, I do a lot more with it than you do with your console. I do development and plenty of gaming. I watch Blu-rays and have a surround sound system connected for that. I of course browse the internet and download whatever I want. I use my machine to process work units for various science projects such as SETI@Home, Einstein@Home and World Community Grid. (Google them. Easily found, the lot of them.)

    But ultimately I see many erroneous fanboy comments being slung about here. I’ll post a link here to something that should help you little boys educate yourselves instead blindly raging against one another.

    This is a 12-part series on YouTube that breaks down both systems and gets very specific about each individual element of each and compares them.

    I’ll start with the link to Part 5: The GPU. It’s the part that seems relevant in most cases.

    Now go forth and educate thyselves.

  • I think that ps3 and xbox will look almost the same but ps3 gets only one disk and xbox two and ps3 will get battlefield 1943 free 🙂


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