Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 GamesCom lines

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Which one do you think wins? Answer is easy, check them out below. First up, Modern Warfare 3. These games are going head-to-head this holiday season, with a lot of marketing and hype behind them. Which game is more interesting to the common public, at least at GamesCom; the pictures below give a good idea.

Modern Warfare 3


Battlefield 3

Which game do you think will sell more? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • all those nerds at the battlefield showing lol, only a few at the mw3 showing shows me that as i thought the pc fans are the only ones that go to these events no one else cares about them thats why battlefield 3 is 500000 units behind mw3 in america alone

    • Whatever, MW is crap compared to BF. Enjoy your shitty little game, console faggot.

    • Cool input fanboy.

  • m

    Modern Warfare 3 will sell more. No doubt about it. It’s an established franchise with a huge fanbase. Battlefield 3 is more of a PC game with a niche fanbase.

    Anyway you can’t tell when these pictures were taken. Besides Batltefield 3 had a live demo shown at the EA press conference. I’m sure a lot of those people wanted to go hands on with it.

    • Kartik Mudgal

      MW3 looks like it will actually sell more than BLOPS this time.

  • i agree with m and ive just been at gamescom and you have just taken the picture when no one was there at the moment there is a que almost double the size of bf3 que

    • you mean double than before so 3×2 = 6. so 6 call of duty fans

    • wow pavel you obviously read mikeys comment

  • just look at the results bf3 even tho more 10year olds preordered mw2 dosent make it better. mw3 disgusts me i wouldn’t play it if my life depended on it

  • WOW the CoD fanboys just can’t take it. Lets say the pic IS fake,,,,how many awards did DF3 win and how many awards did MW3 win at E3?????? Yeah think about that. CoD Black Ops sold so good because basically there was nothing else releasing around that time. The CoD has a name brand for itself, but fans will began to get fed up with the same crap. If I do buy CoD: MW3 it will be used from Gamestop or EB games……100% no profit to lazy cash cows.

    I also own CoD: MW, MW2, WaW, and Black Ops. I planned on getting MW3 until I checked out the actual game footage. now I’ve changed my mind since BF is actually improving their series and delivering. CoD MW3 looks like what it a 2007

  • Don’t you think that every MW2 player will buy Battlefield 3, I think so. Will every Battlefield 3 player buy MW3 no. There for Bf3 will outsell MW2 and maybe MW3

  • MW3 is for the folks who dont care that it isnt realistic or balanced and just want to feel like they are doing something.
    BF3 is for the folks who want tactics, teamwork and genuine competition.

  • Since the mass sheeple CoD fanbase doesn’t seem to mind paying for the same game over and over again that has some new, slight additions with crappy graphics from an ancient, completely outdated graphics engine then yeah, MW3 will sell more.
    Same shittily small character models with bland, horribly low texture resolutions. Objects and everything are pathetically low detailed and animation quality is appalling at best. MW3 will sell more, but that’s proof that most gamers’ are idiots and not that the game is actually good. Battlefield isn’t just a PC game that appeals to PC gamers’, not anymore. Hasn’t been that way for a couple/few years now.
    Battlefield 3 not only looks 10x better (probably literally), but the vehicles and weapons are designed around the study of actual military hardware. Anybody who thinks MW3 will be better seriously must be retarded.

  • This pic may have been taken right before a press conference, I don’t know.

    However, it seems like the hype machine is definitely behind Battlefield 3. (It also has a PC audience whereas MW3 is pretty console focused).

  • just a theory but they already know mw3 is like and just wanna catch up on what b3 is like. same as me.

  • Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Guess people are interested in seeing new stuff, instead of MW version 1.2… er… i mean 3…

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  • ghostkill221

    IS this article just a Troll? I don’t see how you can actually expect anything but fan-boy rage to erupt from this article, also didn’t MW just have its own event. as someone who will buy and actually play both games before deciding which ones better: I DON’T GIVE A FLYING REPRODUCTION.

  • BF is for slow players…. when u shoot u can go to the store and return to the game and the F bullet not even reach the target….that game is to slow… …sorry BF fan boys… but MW is for rea players…

  • This is a little bit misleading, although I prefer battlefield, MW3 had no presentation and had nothing for fans to play, so it mustn’t had been a big deal in their booth

  • And you think readers are idiots who will believe in this photo? What really annoys me is that even game writers or journos are taking a side against the other instead of being balanced. Because of this the credibility of this site is like a porn site.

  • I think it’s obvious Modern Warfare 3 will sell more, but it’s also obvious Battlefield 3 is the better game, the more hardcore game, and can possibly be the 2nd best selling game of the year 🙂


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