Best Game of 2014 That No One Played

The best games that managed to fall under the radar.

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The Evil Within (8)

There are always plenty of disappointing games that more gamers got their hands on as compared to the good games. Games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed are the ones that garner the sales while games like Wolfenstein: The New Order manage a respectable but still average sales tally.

That being said, games like The Evil Within and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare found a strong amount of success. Even if they won’t be beating out Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or Destiny any time soon, they still managed to do well.

Now, as for a great game that no one played? Well…


  • The Evil Within
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Winner: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Normally, 130,000 units in 8 days isn’t a bad amount. But this is Nintendo’s sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns. This is a sequel that’s very good in its own right and came at a time when there weren’t any compelling releases for the Wii U. Like, at all.

However, you have games like Wasteland 2 which earned more than $1.5 million in revenue in the first four days. This is for a digital-only release that was funded through Kickstarter. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze had the might of Nintendo behind it and still didn’t notch up decent enough sales, especially for a platform that didn’t have many exclusives available at the time.

It’s a shame since Tropical Freeze is one of the best Wii U games available especially with competition like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 available. If you find it somewhere, even in the bargain bin, do yourself a favour and pick it up.

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  • d0x360

    Who is making these lists? Wolfenstein debuted at #2 in the UK and also sold very well in America. It was also like the #1 selling game on psn for 2 months in a row. I’m also pretty sure evil within sold pretty well too especially considering its genre and time of year with all the competition it had.

    Both games are going to get sequels. You dont generally see that for games that nobody played.

  • Jason Mounce

    Wolfenstein and Evil Within sold very well, they are not underrated nor a game that ‘no one has played’. It’s just merely, they released, everyone talked well of them and the hype of talking about it died, not due to “teh underrated!” but because Other games came out and the conversation piece shifted.

    I guess some people get confused with when and where to use the word ‘underrated’ or ‘no one has played this’.

  • coolgamer

    can someone tell me if Castlevania lord of shadows 2 is a good game ?
    i absolutely loved the 1st C-LOS game, had a blast playing the main campaign for more than 20 hours.
    i remember seeing some reviewers here and there, and there weren’t many 10/10 scores…
    i know it’s not a very recent game, but for those who have played it, for someone who loved the first, will it be ok ?

    too bad sometimes, there are amazing games that get released just before or after a big AAA title, and because of that, sales aren’t as good as they should.
    the first 2-3 weeks are the most important for the studio-game. maybe 50-70% of the cash is done during that time. releasing a game near a AAA release, is almost a suicide.

    i think in the future, many studios will avoid the november-december time frame. , and will start releasing more games between january-june, and august-september. otherwise, if a studio releases his game at the same time as a naughty dog title, a gta, a call of duty, an halo, etc, it’s a suicide.

    • thebanditking

      LOS2 is not really anything special. I enjoyed the first one too but the second one falls short. I found it hard to really get into it, mainly because the first one was a bit radical of a departure and because the whip game mechanics felt interesting. The second it a lot of spamming the same combos and the whole red/blue enemy weakness and stun pattern was kind of been there done that. If you see the game for $10-$20 go for it as you’ll likely enjoy some of it for that price.

    • Jason Mounce

      CloS 2 is pretty boring… I played and beat it and was SUPER hyped for it and loved the first game to bloody pieces. (Platinum Trophy too).

      Buuuut, the sequel? The devs said themselves they knew crap was gonna hit the fan, and that their internal problems were similar enough to be comparable to L.A. Noire with idiotic management.

    • coolgamer

      too bad. CloS 1 was really really great. specially the last levels, where we could see a huge difference on graphics, with much better and crisper textures than at the beginning of the game.
      were you that disappointed that you wouldn’t even tell me to try it, while being tolerant with any possible issues, story, etc.. ? damn, i’d really love to play it, one day.

    • Jason Mounce

      Try it if it’s $20 perhaps. Though, I mean, it doesn’t give Gabriels’ story any justice, it became cliched, without spoiling anything. I’m a huge sucker for stories that involve Heroes who’ve fallen to become villains [/Goddamncan’twaitforMGS5]. Gabriel being the ‘Holy Knight’ and becoming literally fated to become Dracula as a deterrent and balance between good and evil, spiteful and betrayed and self-loathing as to why he deserved to be given that fate when all he wanted was to save his wife, whom he murdered himself? I mean…. I was hoping for something complex to come into play that’d perhaps tie in the canonical series like, how the Reaper is infact on Dracula’s side since like if you play alone Symphony of the Night, Death is protecting and is generally an ally of Dracula in his fortress, so my conclusion was that Death/Captain Jean Picard had to in some way become intertwined as a partner instead to Gabriel as he becomes the figurehead of constant death and revival, a complex story that weaves the entire history of the Castlevania series….No, we didn’t get that though. It has a plot twist of some nature, but it feels, to me, too….Hollywood-like, too cheesy or predictable. I expected more. Wanted more. Lords of Shadow 1 set a good benchmark and to me they didn’t fulfil it and didn’t improve on what they started. As I always feel connected to those kinds of characters and feel their pain with them when I play the game, was sad, seeing Gabriel lose his humanity both in having to do all in the first game, and the DLC of losing Laura, and the final fight with Colin McFarlane.

  • I played Wolfenstein and it was nice, but I wanted a better ending.

  • heavenshitman1

    I own Tropical Freeze. It is a very well presented game for the most part, levels look nice. But really, the game wasn’t done quite so right. It was really trying to take the crown from the original Donkey Kong Country on SNES, and it didn’t succeed.
    Tropical Freeze had levels that you couldn’t back track on, had fewer secrets , and the secrets were all generic, unlike the original Donkey Kong Country that had all different type of secret levels and areas. Tropical Freeze only had the rhino, and none of the other animals to use, and yes Tropical Freeze was challenging, but in a bad way. It just infuriated you with precision timing jumps everywhere, and you died a 1000 times. Difficulty has to be balanced. Difficulty in progression and puzzle solving, not twitch platforming.
    Here’s desperately hoping Retro is on the next WiiU Metroid, that title has so much acclaim. Why would Nintendo let that one skip the WiiU?

    • mlvielh

      I agree with a lot of what you said. I probably liked Returns better but I was a bit disappointed with both of them. I recently was playing DKC2 and DK64 and I just love the world they created for those games. Not to mention the excellent music which I feel was definitely lacking in the latest ones. But also King K Rool and his goons were a much more compelling enemy. I didn’t feel any connection with the new ones. It just seemed very generic.

  • no Lords of Shadow 2?

  • thebanditking

    I’m a bit burned out on FPS’s so there goes Wolfenstein. The Evil Within I skiped because Resident Evil Rev 2 looks great and because that and the REmake HD are so close to release. TEW didnt really hit the right horror cords for me, too psychological and not enough real horror, bleeding walls and trippy stuff doesnt scare me (that frame rate is pretty terrifying though lol). Donkey Kong I’m guilty of but will be buying soon (new I might add) but I only just bought my Wii U a few months ago.

  • Ben Mason

    no mention of denpa men 3 for 3ds which was very good

  • gurnett

    I just finished Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. One of the best, most difficult games I’ve ever played. Two big thumbs up.


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