Bethesda’s Pete Hines Defends Fallout 4’s Season Pass Price Increase, Reveals More DLC Info

Some people, it seems, just like to complain.

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Screen

Today, Bethesda finally took the wraps off of the long awaited Fallout 4 DLC plans. On the whole, there was a lot to be happy about- Bethesda have some really good stuff planned for Fallout 4, including their single largest bit of add on content for any game they have ever made, and far more post launch support for the title than was originally anticipated.

The flip side of this was that Bethesda ended up raising the price of the Season Pass as a result. But to be fair, they did it in the best way possible- people who had bought the Season Pass at the cheaper $30 price point have to pay no extra money, and everyone else gets two weeks to get the Season Pass at that cheaper price themselves, before the price raise goes into effect on March 1.

Unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t necessarily agree with Bethesda’s decision, even though it makes so much sense, and decided to take to Twitter to vent. Happily for us, this caused Bethesda’s Pete Hines to respond, and in the process, we managed to get some valuable information about the DLC, and about Bethesda’s plans for the Season Pass.

‘We are making more [content] than we planned, and we aren’t going to continue to give away $60 or more worth of DLC for $30,’ Hines said, in response to a complaining fan. ‘If you already have the Season Pass, you get everything [for no increased cost]. If you don’t, you have weeks to get it for $30,’ he added, in response to another, who seems to have misunderstood how Bethesda are going about this.

‘The additional DLC after these three will be what brings the total to at least $60,’ he said, referring to the unannounced DLC that is planned for Fallout 4, which is what caused the bump in price. ‘You’re free to buy the DLC individually if you don’t like the Season Pass price,’ he said to another fan.

Hines also took the time to respond to some questions fans had about the DLC itself, and where in the story it would fit in. ‘It doesn’t matter [if you haven’t completed the story],’ he said. ‘It adds into your existing experience regardless of where you are, and what you’ve done.’ He also clarified that he is not sure on when the beta testers for the DLC will be announced.

Yeesh. What a mess this is. Honestly, I don’t see what Bethesda did wrong in this case, or how they could have done it any better- they are basically giving far more than they promised, for the same price as promised, to everyone who already bought the Season Pass, and they are even allowing others to join in on the cheap price party by not raising the price of the Season Pass for another two weeks. Some people, it seems, just like to complain.

Fallout 4 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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  • LordCancer Kain

    buy it or don’t, just stop being cheap and whiney. i already bought the season pass at launch and i got a pair of socks too.

  • PachterStation

    I paid a mere £24.99 ($35) for Fallout 4 brand new, I’m not sure how much the DLC will cost in the UK. Still, I never buy into DLC as it’s a rip-off at any price.

  • oVg

    MMmmmm should I buy this or spend the same amount of money on Firewatch, Unravel, Abes new n Tastey and Journey… I have finished Fallout and like normal hard working middle class citizens I have a monthly budget. Decision is made. Sorry Fallout, but my version of new DLC is restarting a game 😛

  • Dirkster_Dude

    I read the Twitter comments. It was like the person complaining was stupid.

  • ryan

    i dont care if they delayed increase by 2 weeks or not you pissed me game has been sold for 35 bux to lucky friend mine. ill wait for goty edition price drop on xbl or psn to 20 bux or under then rescoop it.

    i wont fall for es 6 have to have day 1 either ill wait for goty

    ill never touch nother fallout day eva unelss it developed by OBSIDIAN again OBSIDIAN only company who can make fallout game correctly

  • James Jeans

    I understand the reasoning and I’m fine with it, I think it’s rad that the price change doesn’t just come out of left field, but I’m not sure I like the precedent it sets.

    Techland did the same thing with their season pass for Dying Light not that long ago. In both cases, I immediately went and and purchased the season pass in order to save money ($10 in the case of Dying Light, $20 in the case of Fallout 4). Those sorts of saving start to add up, and it also starts to feel like a brilliant plan on the part of the marketing department to get on-the-fence consumers to take the plunge when otherwise they might have played the “wait and see” game.

    My intention had been to wait and see what all the DLC for Fallout 4 would entail before making a decision on the season pass. But the $20 reverse discount was too tempting to pass. I’d rather pay $30 now than $50 later.

    I just hope this doesn’t become the new trend in season passes.

  • george

    The only reason the season pass is going up isn’t because the dlc content is more expensive and expansive. It’s because the game is rapidly loosing it’s value.

  • Matthew Doyle

    Yea if you don’t build because it’s boring than you got ripped off. I don’t so you’re welcome for the 50$ I will never buy a Bethesda game again.


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