Bungie Explains Why Destiny Is Not 60fps On The PS4 And Xbox One

Bungie had to make sure that the game looks good across all platforms.

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Bungie’s Destiny is one of the few AAA games that will be running at 1080p/30fps on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The recent June Xbox One SDK updated helped Bungie to bump up the resolution of the Xbox One version to 1080p. But why did Bungie did not targeted 60fps?

“It’s a lot of different things,” explains Jason Sussman who is the senior environment artist at Bungie. “I could get really technical, but I’d bore you to death. A lot has to do with performance. We’re cross-platform, so we had to be very delicate with all four consoles, making sure they have the same experience, that it looks as good as it possibly can on all these consoles. A lot goes into that, from geometry to textures to post effects to particles to how many players you get on the screen. We’re always balancing that out to make sure everyone gets the same experience,” he said in an interview with Venturebeat

A lot of developers this generation are going for a higher resolution compared to 60fps which makes sense since it will allow them to add more post effects and do more on the screen at any given moment. In fact one of Sony’s own programmers prefers higher resolution than frame rate. Expect this norm to continue this generation.

Destiny will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One this September. For more on the game check out our hub page here.

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  • hypnotica420x

    silky smooth 30fps, why not drop 6 frames and make it a cinematic 24fps

    • DLConspiracy//


    • chrisredfield31

      it accounts for the difference in interactivity. If you drop it to 24fps and you only watch the content, it’d look just fine going by film standards.


      Silky smooth 30fps…..! That’s crap!!

      How about a silky smooth 120+FPS!? Oh wait that will never happen on any of these consoles even at a resolution of 720p. These consoles are again going to be the bottleneck for PC gamers since developers are having to make sacrifices again for consoles to be in the “game……”

      Stick to “possible” exclusives for these systems and buy multi-plats on PC.


    And a AAA game gets “gimped!!!!” Wowo, so sad……..

    I can not understand why developers are hiding behind the excuses that they need to bring parity of their games across platforms that DO NOT HAVE PARITY when regarding performance/capabilities….!

    Make the game for whatever system you make it on to its best abilities and PLEASE stop talking as if you “HAD” to make the game the “same” for sorry reasons like “we wanted the player to have the same experience on all platforms…..” If I wanted the same experience on all platforms then I would buy the game on all platforms and be happy, but I do not and of course get screwed because developers have different intentions as to where their priorities lay.

    First person shooters are minimum 60+FPS games……PERIOD!!

    Seriously considering selling my PS4 because of all of this nonsense about parity and games needing the same experience across platforms….. So sad.

    If games needed the same experience on all platforms then the hardware they were being developed on would all be the same, so as the “experience” (you know……what you get when you play a game….) would “BE THE SAME!!”

  • PS3 and Xbox 360 aren’t holding back next gen consoles, but rather next gen consoles are holding back PC games.

    • Jecht_Sin

      More like PCs are dumbing down the games on consoles due to lack of optimization.


      Have to disagree here man……. Developers are gimping themselves by not taking the time to properly develop on a PC. Costs a whole hellova lot less to develop on a console as opposed to a PC since the hardware is fixed. Why a developer doesn’t make the game for the highest possible hardware configuration at the point of development boggles my mind, but then again I am not a developer. From that stand point all other hardware should just fall into place under it.

      Make sure you remember those PC exclusives that ran like a dream and looked amazing.

      And I said “remember” for a reason as lately developers have been doing just this and gimping PC games.

  • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

    Too many polygons in the character models ruin the framerate.

  • julius collins

    You all argue so much over something that really won’t effect how amazing of a game this is. Sad to see.

  • Generalkidd

    Actually, as an Xbox fan here, you’re both somewhat incorrect. The PS3 did have a total of 512 MB RAM. It was just split into two different types, XDR and GDDR3. Both were fully accessible to games, but it created a lot of headaches for development. The Xbox 360 had a single unified memory architecture, a simple 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM.
    The PS3 didn’t really cut corners because XDR is incredibly fast RAM, but since it came in such small amount and was paired with slower GDDR3 RAM, developers couldn’t fully take advantage of it.
    Anyways, in terms of Destiny only being 30 fps on both consoles, it’s not because it’s being held back by any console. If it was being held back, it wouldn’t be 1080p since the Xbox 360 and PS3 certainly can’t handle that. More likely, this game’s development began early on in the console’s life span and thus does not fully take advantage of either console’s hardware. The Xbox One is certainly capable of 1080p 60fps (eg Halo 5). And so is the PS4.

    • SpaceManSpliffz .

      Then why are no xbone games 1080p/60fps?

    • Generalkidd

      Ah I see someone has been lying to you. There are plenty of 1080p/60fps games on the Xbox One and many more coming out very soon.
      Some notable examples are Forza 5, Madden 25, Madden 15, Fifa 14, Fifa 15, NBA 2K14, Tomb Raider, Diablo 3, Pinball FX2, Metro Redux. As for upcoming games, Halo: Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, Aliens Isolation, and so on are all going to be 1080p/60fps. So plenty of games, almost as many as PS4. I don’t know who told you your information, but that person is totally uninformed or just flat out lying to create an anti-xbox bias.

    • SpaceManSpliffz .

      Mmmm you may want to double check your retard…I mean research

    • Generalkidd

      I did and its a fact and common knowledge that the Xbox One already has several 1080p 60fps games. A simple google search will show you the truth. I don’t understand how you can keep denying it. Nobody denies the Xbox one has 1080p60fps games. It just has less than the ps4, that’s all. But the Xbox one certainly does have several 1080p60fps games already with many more to be released later this year. You’re the one that needs to do some research, I know you haven’t done any research at all if you’re claiming the Xbox one doesn’t have 1080p60fps games.

    • tcnitsni

      I know you posted this a long time ago, but Tomb Raider is not 1080p/60fps on Xbone. IT’s 1080p but only 30 fps.

      The PS4 version runs at 1080p and 60fps though.

    • care package

      Of course the X1 is capable of 1080p 60fps if you’re playing minecraft or rehashed last gen games. Kidding aside you can make any game worthy of those specs by cutting back something else. The fact the X1 struggles with this and why you typically see higher specs for PS4 games is part of why I turned to the PS4. Can’t stand the X1 controllers either. They are inferior to the 360 controller.

    • Generalkidd

      Umm no not true either. A lot of new Xbox One games as well as upcoming ones are all 1080p 60fps. Take Forza 6 for example and Halo 5. It’s basically the 1st party games that shine the best, much like how it was on the PS3. It’s not a big deal anyways. Nobody has complained for the past 50 years of gaming about resolution and framerates. I highly doubt people stop in the middle of gameplay to count the pixels on their screen.
      If you owned a PS3 last generation, you probably already know about how multi-platform games were generally inferior on the PS3 when it came to framerates and resolutions. But, did anyone make a big deal about? Nope not really. The only reason it’s become a big deal now is because of media hype and marketing by both Sony and Microsoft.
      Also, the Xbox One controller isn’t drastically different from the 360 controller. It is for the most part the same with some under the hood improvements.

    • care package

      “A lot of new xbox games” doesn’t mean they didn’t tune stuff down to get 1080p and 60 fps. It’s quality vs. performance. “Nobody has complained for the past 50 years of gaming about resolution and framerates”?
      Seriously dude let’s get real here. People want higher frame rates and resolutions because it’s getting closer to what the human eye sees already, and ya, we can SEE it. We didn’t need Sony and MS’s media hype to know higher resolutions and frame rates look better lol. Now that’s just silly.
      X1 controller is cheap garbage, based off my own experience and the admissions of others. The sticks are way too loose as well. You get used to them eventually. It’s a psychological thing. MS had to make the controller different, because in the mind of the average phone zombie consumer, different must = better.

    • Bladewing

      As a PC fan, I can tell you all that you’re somewhat incorrect. Yes, system RAM is an important factor, but once you break it out of bottlenecking the rest of your system, it is a pretty insignificant factor to performance. That said, the way both the XBO and PS4 are set up, RAM is shared between the GPU and system – though the PS4 has a small extra DDR3 reserve for background processes. In the XBO’s case, it uses 8GB of DDR3 for both the GPU and system; the PS4 uses a much faster 8GB of GDDR5. After considering where this RAM is allocated, the PS4 has effectively 4.5GB of RAM available for games while the XBO has 5GB, plus a 32MB eSRAM frame buffer, which is intended to “bridge the gap” between the two RAM types. While the PS4 will already perform a bit better as far as RAM goes, this is only one part of their overall performance. The real meat of the performance, assuming RAM isn’t bottlenecking, stems from the CPU and GPU. Both systems use very similar processors, but the XBO has a slightly faster (but slightly hotter) CPU running at 1.75 GHz compared to the PS4’s 1.6 GHz. However, the XBO’s GPU is significantly less powerful than the PS4’s, at only about 2/3 the power. This directly translates into a huge advantage for the PS4 for gaming as far as raw power goes, allowing it to use more intensive graphical effects at higher draw distances, resolutions, and framerates. Both systems, however, FAR outperform last generation equivalent consoles, leaving last gen as a much more significant hamper to current gen consoles for cross-platform games like Destiny.

      That said, there seriously needs to be a PC version of Destiny. Abandon last gen Destiny versions so I can get my 4k 120 fps VR Destiny experience using mouse and keyboard pls Bungie

  • Generalkidd

    Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64 anyone? Classic shooter, no where near 1080p 60fps, yet nobody complained and happily played it without question.

  • DechoZenOne

    In my opinion, I think consoles should have a setting to where you can choose your FPS or Resolution. I think its dumb not to. If a game is capable of going higher, why not let us choose? I still think Destiny will be a great game but I really don’t think that this 30 FPS “cinematic” option is the best but i get it. Financially as a company you will sell more copies if all your games are somewhat of the same on all platforms. they just say its for cinematic. I call BS. they just want to make sure they can sell as many copies as possible. If PS4 version was 1080 60FPS and xbone wasn’t not everyone who owns an xbox one will buy it and some people can’t afford to purchase a new console for ONE game. same goes for PC.

  • MrSec84 .

    If you’re talking about 7th gen consoles very few games were 1080p 60FPS, certainly hardly any managed to hit 1920X1080, at 60FPS.

    Destiny is actually below 1280X720 on PS3, I’m not sure about 360, but the game is certainly not 1080p on the last generation of consoles.

    60FPS was very rare in games on the 7th gen twins, even if they managed to hit 1280X720, which was always hit and miss.

    This generation (the 8th) games have taken a large visual boost, are largely hitting 1920X1080, more so on PS4.

    Right now it seems the APIs on both PS4 & Xbox One aren’t as efficient as they should be, because even PC’s with lower end specs, running DX11 can outperform both in common 3rd party titles.
    This will likely change in the future, because both Sony & Microsoft’s system software developers will improve efficiency, until then console gamers have to put up with what we’re getting.

  • Matt Kaya

    30fps is the norm? Such a big bullsht. I am so fkn lucky to be upgraded with high end pc gaming. While these stupid devs suggest 30fps is the norm we are able to play at 1080p144fps and at 4k resolution at 60fps. Meanwhile my ps4 keeps collecting dust…

  • Fark Googol

    Luckily for developers, gaming is so mainstream now that the vast majority of players are too dumb to notice and/or have such crappy LCDs that they can easily get away with 30fps.

  • MoistBanjo

    I am just disapointed that the frame rate isn’t 60fps. I prefer performance over resolution

  • Sloff1155

    PC can do 4K 60FPS or 1080P 60+FPS easy Consoles are lame I wish Destiny would come to PC.

  • Sloff1155

    It’s not the CPU or the RAM that’s hurting it it’s the GPU mostly but they wanna make it look the same on all 4 consoles witch is ok and all but the Xbox One and PS4 look a bit better because of view distance and it’s much clearer because of the GPU.


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