Call of Duty: Ghosts – Clans Will Start Balancing Out

Beachhead Studios head John Linden talks about ironing issues out.

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call of duty ghosts

Beachhead Studios head John Linden, responsible for the Clan Wars app in Call of Duty: Ghosts, recently spoke about improvements being made to the matchmaking interface, including better designation of clan members into groups of similar skill levels.

“A 100-person clan is going to beat out a 3-person clan every time. That was something we did have some issues with [during the first Clan War]. Clans were growing so fast. The Xbox One had been out for three days, so we had some problems where people would start off with a 10-person clan, and then suddenly they’re a 40-person clan. We’ve gotten through that now, so we’ve got some better matchmaking in here. We’ve got a lot more data now. That will start balancing out.”

Have you had a chance to access Clan Wars and the corresponding app? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments below. Furthermore, you can also check our review of Call of Duty Ghosts over here and also read our next gen impressions of the game here.


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  • Mike N Victoria Franta

    Same stuff as MWF3 already. All about KD to 90% of players, Only us 10% that play the objective. I wish something more could be done to keep the dashboarding/ quitting right before the game ends to save their KD when they know they are going to lose.
    Platinum Clan Leader of 27 Members. 75% win ratio without cheating.
    In DQB we are about winning, not cheating. if someone backs out to save their win loss ratio or kd they’re kicked.. Yet to see another clan like us. WE play the objective to win. Not stack our kills.
    Won the first war, Got 2nd in the 2nd war due to the fact the clan that won added 15 people or so at the beginning of the clan war. And had capped evry node by the time I got off work at 6 o clock on a Wednesday.. Whats up with the Middle of the week, Middle of the day Starts?
    And now its Wed. after the second clan war and no news anywhere about the time the 3rd war starts.. Just poor communication on the APP.. Needs o be updated to give a heads up on stuff to make it fair for everybody.

    • ManicRUSH©

      Couldn’t agree more. btw I’m also in that 10% minority. I never rage quit and quite often than most I can turn a game from negative to positive by just ‘stepping up’ for the win

  • MEL

    12/11/13 I started a clan the other day we have 24 people an would like to get in the next clan wars how do we get our clan in an play does it do it on its own or do we have to register our clan in clan wars

    • Fox

      You will automatically be placed in one of the divisions based upon how you guys play together when you are partied up. The more wins you get together the higher the division. Remember to prevent people bombing there wins to dominate a lower division they created cool camos and body armor, masks etc. so you will want to be in gold or higher to obtain them. Enjoy your clan wars


    • ManicRUSH©

      Making sure each of your clan members downloads the ‘Ghosts app’ would provide you with somewhat of an advantage.

  • Mike

    They need to post when the clan wars start. Everyone in our clan is looking for info and can’t find any. It’s like they are keeping you in the dark. Not a good PR move !

    • ManicRUSH©

      No, it’s not

  • Themanstearns

    This is the commander of DOOM ELITE
    We are recruiting active members only for ps3, if you want to join us please apply. We have won 1st place in both wars in platinum division and plan to win more. Hit us up if you are not active you will be kicked.

  • ManicRUSH©

    Seems every clan came first in their clan war according to these posts. What would Pinocchio say?

  • sLaViKcOnScRipT

    Could we get a schedule so I dont use half my data checking it every 30 mins?

    • ManicRUSH©

      Haha I feel for you buddy. Seems like they now announce the date nice and early on the clan wars map.

  • shakeyhax

    I thought clan wars were goin to back to back. Why r u waiting till last minute to let us know

  • Max Miers

    When is there going to be a schedule put out? Our leader didn’t get a notice till 2 days in this last one. By then it was already to late. I know I speak for a lot of us when I say we hate all the blatant cheating on here as well. This game needs a lot of fine tuning.


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