Call of Duty Ghosts: “We Don’t Want To Go Into The Open-World Idea”

Executive producer Mark Rubin talks about striking a balance between story and involvement.

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As if previous titles in the series didn’t prove it enough, Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts will be quite linear in its approach – or at least it is judging by gameplay footage we’ve seen thus far.

When speaking to executive producer Mark Rubin, US Gamer asked if there was a way to create a shooter that wasn’t so one-track.

Rubin stated that, “It’s a balance. We want to tell a great story. We want you to be involved. There are a lot of things that we don’t do, but a lot of other single-player campaigns do.

“For instance, we generally don’t try to force you to look at a cutscene. If there’s something happening, we don’t just turn the camera and make you look and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ll just put the controller down. I have to watch this cutscene. Time to eat my popcorn.’ We try to make the player always feel like they’re still part of that world they’re in. They’re not being forced to see those things.

“Now, we do still want to guide the player through the story and have a story happening. We don’t want to go into the open-world idea of, ‘I can do whatever I want. I can break my story. I can make my story uninteresting.’ It’s a weird, fine balance. We want to ensure that the player gets the story and the experience that we’re trying to craft for them, but not have that ‘Press Y to watch the cutscene!’ feel, or put the player in a position where they can make the wrong decision and get stuck or get lost or otherwise not feel like they’re part of the story.

“One of the first things that can happen when you get away from what we try to plan for you is that you realize you’re in a video game. ‘Let’s go see if the toilets flush!’ Flush the toilets. ‘Oh, look, the toilets flush!’ That’s cool. I did it in Duke Nukem every time I saw a toilet. But it pulls you out of the story. You remember that you’re in a game. For us, it’s always about making sure that the player feels like they’re in a movie, that they’re in this cinematic experience. I really think that kind of stuff can pull you away from there.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts is currently set for a November 5th release on Xbox 360, PC and PS3, with PS4 and Xbox One releases due later.

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  • wolfang

    Someone tell him to play a rockstar game

  • Jack Slater

    Sure, an open-world game needs at least 2-4 years. It doesn’t fit the company politics : ‘let’s milk it once more, quickly,using our 10 years old engine, so we can release a new game every year, and make an extra billion $’.

    Sure, it’s much easier to use the editor, put some boxes here, some cars there, some trees and plants, a couple of lights, some enemies, big explosions,and see 20-30 million games moving out of the shelves.

    Treyarch and Activision, I’m sure you can make a new cod game in only 6 months. That would make 2 billion $ each year, instead of only 1.

    And with a little practice, you could try making a new game in 3 months. I’m sure you can do it. But NO open world, of course: It requires talent, more diversity , and many new textures, new objects and new colors.

    • name

      The fact that you believe a game can be made in six months and even worse, three months shows how credible your opinion is, yes, lemme tell you how




      -Q&A testing

      -motion capture



      and that’s only scratching the surface, can be done in six months, yes, you are SOOOOOO smart, definitely not an uninformed idiot at all, yes, CoD games are definitely made using the equivalent of forge mode from halo, yes, and EVERY GAME EVER needs to go open world nowadays, especially a military shooter known for it’s close quarters fast paced combat

    • Jack Slater

      Oh, I bet you are drakan45, aren’t you?
      Only you can get upset like you do, write a tonefuck of words, and always, but I mean , always, call moron, idiots, stupid to whoever posts a comment.
      Dipshit, if you were at least 15, you should have noticed I was being sarcastic when saying activision or Treyarch can make a cod game in 1 year, then, 6 months, then, 3 months.OK dipshit?

      Try to be smarter, grow up just a little, and try to understand what people actually write and mean, for 10 seconds, before grabbing your keyboard and calling moron or stupid ,etc, OK?
      OK, boy?
      Now, launch your pirate copy of crysis 3, and play it for the 45th time , OK?
      And then, come back here, or, etc, and the first comment your read, even if the guy is just saying he loves this or that game, call him stupid, moron, etc, OK?

  • RT

    really seems like activision/iw are on the defensive of late, like microsoft. seems like the gaming community is starting to expect more than the same old this time around.

  • Just a Gamer

    just a bullshit

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