Can next-gen games look like this?

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Check out these impressive renders; if this doesn’t make you want next gen hardware, nothing will.
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Highly detailed Robots

Highly detailed Robots

Have you ever imagined how the next-gen character models could look like? The leap in hardware capability should be pretty sufficient to support high polygon models in-game. Now, most of these images we have below are created via Z Brush, which allows for some insane polygon count and it is simply not practical for these models to be rendered real time in game. Such hardware does not exist unless you do it at some render farm. But there are plenty of techniques like tessellation, which allow for increased polygons without straining the hardware a lot. These renders that we have here contain an insane amount of polygons and this is pretty much the ceiling that most character models have to hit. Most character models this gen take up about 20k to 30k polygons, and these are mostly the big budget ones. Next gen you can bump that up to 100k but the models that we are showing you here are all over 1 million polygons. However, they could pretty much end up looking like the real thing due to smoke and mirrors that most developers have in their arsenal.
Which one did you like? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • d0x

    It will be possible for models to look like this next gen, even if they dont have a million polys per model. High res normal maps and tessellation will get us there without the huge performance hit that insane high poly models will use. Right now they make models with ultra high poly counts then create normal maps and place those maps on lower count models. As has been said Uncharted uses about 30k polys per model with normal maps. Bump that number up to 100,000 with normal maps and tessellation and they will look insane.

    Keep in mind new hardware that has more power isnt just about better looking models. Its about more of everything! Imagine battles where there are hundreds of high detail models on screen. Right now we just get games that fake big battles. Enemies spawn off camera and run in but there are never all that many on screen at once. Imagine Call of Duty with a big city thats populated with a 1000 soldiers, all there right from the start instead of popping in 10 at a time. Imagine a Battlefield game with a huge expansive map with countless enemies to do battle with.

    Not only can we have more characters on screen we can have more complex environments, more complex ai and physics. Everything can be made bigger and better. Gameplay possibilities that we cant even imagine will be possible.

    I hate when people say current games look good enough and we dont need new hardware. New hardware isnt just about looking good people! New hardware opens up new gameplay. Gameplay that just isnt possible on what we have now. So bring on the next generation and lets boost gaming to the next level.

    • Me

      @d0x – You’ve obviously never played Heavenly Sword…

  • d0x

    Oh and as for #9. You say that will be impossible to replicate next gen unless its scaled down. I wouldnt count on that. That kind of detail and fidelity will be possible next gen, in fact thats just the start. I think people are going to be shocked by what the next generation of consoles can and will offer. Sure we wont see games like that on launch but a year or 2 in once everyone has a handle on the hardware and the really big titles start rolling out. Expect to be picking up your jaw quite often

  • next gen we should see Crysis 1 max settings + realism map.
    lighting and anti aliasing will improve but what i rather see is longer games then better looking games…

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  • To d0x’s point about large battles.
    “hundreds of high detail models on screen. Right now we just get games that fake big battles.”

    There is Total War(PC)

    Empire Total War: Darthmod In-Game Intro

    The Battle of Berezina – Napoleon Total War

    Shogun 2

    • omg

      he’s talking about console games man!!!

  • XLC

    This is China a call Jigong character

  • charles2029

    If console games starting looking that good, they better start having flawless gameplay as well, or it was all for nothing.

  • james

    “Can next-gen games look like this?” They could but will they? NO!!! Can a $75 video card produce graphics like this in real time? I ask that because that’s what you’re getting in the Xbox 720. Microsoft has lost my business because I’m as sure as hell not paying $400+ for a $75 video card. Oh well maybe 3 or 4 generations from now. Or you could play PC games and expect this in a year or even right now.

    • Cause you know the specs for the next xbox and ps4 do you? The biggest downside to PC gaming is the cost, and the fact a lot of people can’t be bothered tweaking menu options to get a decent framerate.

    • Your mom

      They’ll never look near this good on a console.

  • TBH, whats the point of such HD rendering in games? Given the speed of motion and the limitations of animation due to hardware constraints Rendering models in this amount of detail is pointless, you’ll never notice it on a moving object anyway.

    • Coffeinum

      Not everyone plays COD.


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