Can the leap to next-gen graphics be this drastic? [PICS]

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Image 1

Just look at the contrast in details- the hair and the skin and the wrinkles all look so realistic in the image above, and the one below seems almost cartoony by comparison. Each and every freckle on his skin looks detailed, while the image below clearly is much less remarkable. Source:

If you take the graphics of current gen games like, say, Uncharted and Mass Effect and compare them with the best looking previous gen games like Resident Evil 4, you’ll realize what a drastic jump the visuals department has taken over the years. It may not have been apparent as time went by, but now that you look back at it, you realize just how much graphics in games have improved. And while many of us believe that next-gen games won’t look significantly, we think that as time goes by, we’ll realize that, yet again, games have taken a huge leap as a visual medium. Below we have two images that show how big the jump between current gen games and next gen games could be, in terms of visuals. It’s all hypothetical, of course, but you should still have a look at it.

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  • ME

    Where are these images from? If they’re just high poly models used for CG or w/e this post is kind of pointless. Most companies make models with mammoth poly counts for those kinds of things and they drop down from there.

    One thing I keep telling people is that if you want to see what the next generation of (console) graphics will look like, look to the PC. With the kind of power you see in a high end gaming PC today, you might get something near that on consoles in the future… you’re NOT going to see a huge jump a head from what those machines can do now as the tech exists now and you’re not seeing CG quality visuals.

    Assuming there’s some kind of magic that goes into the make up of a console that will somehow thrust it way past what the high end PCs can do today is silly.

  • d0x PC? No no no. Consoles leapfrog PC every generation. Next Gen console games will look better than anything PC pushes out this year or next.

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      In the long run, PC games always look MUCH better than console games. However, that’s not to say console games look bad.

    • dennis

      anyone who knows anything about gaming knows pcs are always ahead of consoles because consoles are pcs u cant upgrade there are pcs now with these next gen graphics already

  • d0x

    Yes in the long run PC games look better BUT when a console launches it has newer tech than what you see in a PC. That and the fact that they are so optimized and have no overhead means they will out perform even top of the line PC’s for 6 months to a year. Then it will be another year before that same hardware is mid grade on PC and affordable. Think about it. The $300 xbox with its 5+ year old hardware can match the performance of a brand new $800 pc TODAY.

    all modern gpu’s use unified shaders. The first gpu to ever do that sits in the xbox 360.

    So, unless Sony and Ms skimp on tech which they won’t then the next Gen consoles will produce better looking games than PC for about a year. You will be shocked to see what they can do once developers have time to play with them. You can’t go by launch titles cause those are mostly ports of games started on previous tech. Wait and see. I’ll be proven right. Its been the same story EVERY generation since nes.

    • Diwas Amatya

      Console graphics can NEVER hold a candle to the visual fidelity in PC games. If you think otherwise you’re just clueless, that is all there is to it. Lmao you guys play at Sub-HD resolution of 768×576 at 30fps what makes you think you’ll be getting any better than that unless you’re willing to pay $1000 or more. Even $800 PC’s can’t play games like Crysis, Metro 2033 and BF3 all maxed(AA,AF, Ambient Occlusion the whole nine) at 1920×1080 with 60fps.

    • rock


    • rock


    • cassus

      Consoles have never had state of the art hardware when it was released. When the 360 came out it had a tri core PowerPC cpu and 512mb ram. It had about the same performance as a sub-prime level PC. The reason games look good on consoles when they’re new is that PC games are often developed for as many people as possible, so they develop for pc’s that were state of the art say 3 years ago, where as on consoles they can just go for max of what the console offers. Games that are made to look great and where the developer doesn’t really care that much about lower end pc, though, look FAR better than anything on consoles, and it will run a hell of a lot better. Two or so years ago when all PC gamers were getting were console ports… and often ports of games that ran at 30fps on consoles, I was enjoying 120+ fps.

      My guess is that the next consoles still might not offer full 1080p resolution, and if they do, most likely they won’t have AA. For PC gamers, the new ultra high resolution displays will start popping up (4096×2160) and we’re gonna run pc games and console ports at a solid 60fps with higher resolution textures and no need for AA, cause you can hardly see the pixels anyways…

      More problematic than anything, as far as the whole pc VS console thing goes, is that console gamers get a really narrow spectre of games. Shooters, racing games (not sims), beat-em-ups and rpg’s is pretty much all you’re getting. Platformers as well, I suppose, but that genre is reserved for tweens. I’m too damn old to be amused by CoD clones at this point, most people either get to that and buy a PC for more elaborate and complex games, or just stop playing.

  • Adam

    People spend money on console games so there fore they usually end up being better advertised and promoted and lead most to the conclusion that they are better. personally upkeep of a good pc is pointless unless you play mmos as everything else ends up not being worth the cost.

  • Musser64


  • Ford

    This whole post was pointless, the first image is a high poly model that the artist made simply for the image, it doesn’t have to take into account any game play restrictions while the second is an in game shot. They aren’t even in the same genre artistically.

  • Dinh

    An Xbox or PS3 can play the game right out of the box. For PC games, you must make sure your PC can run it. If it can’t or if it barely meets the miumnim requirements, you have to upgrade it which can be daunting if you don’t know how. Your average plain PC for everyday use like internet is not good enough to run a game like GTA the way a console can. You would need to upgrade the processor, graphics card, and RAM. You need to know enough about them to determine what kind of motherboard you have, what kind of graphics card your motherboard and processor can handle, if you need a PSU upgrade to provide enough power for that new graphics card, and how much RAM you can add. A good gaming PC is usually at least $1,000.As for handhelds, not everyone likes to play on a 3 inch screen and not every game that comes out on consoles and PC is released on handhelds and even when they are, they’re usually a light’ version of the game because handhelds do not have the processing power needed.

  • Hmmm… You know those models are very high poly and have a lot of rendering layers on them right? Real time rendering is no where near that level yet. I’m not saying we won’t see this detailed stuff soon but those are from ZBrush top row gallery, serious artistic and technical work on still renders included 😉


  • nodbon

    i dont consider better looking graphcis to be next-gen. yeah looks awsome, but it’s still played the same way. consoles and computers will just keep costing more just so we can have better graphics. to me next-gen is played with your mind, youll be able to look around see your caracters hands and move how you want to move…. aw the dream… whens that comin?


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