Capcom’s Deep Down is a Game, Not a Tech Demo, Might Not be PS4 Exclusive

Deep Down is a game being developed concurrently with a new engine, and it might not be PS4 exclusive.

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One of the best games for the PS4 so far was unveiled way back at the console’s reveal back in February. it was Deep Down, the excellent Capcom title that is one of the few games that actually ‘look’ next generation so far.

The title took everyone’s breaths away when it first debuted- the graphics looked insane, and the fantasy theme, while typical, looked exciting. It looked so great, in fact, that most people assumed the game was a tech demo. However, now, as DualShockers reports, the game is not just a tech demo, it is an actual game that is being developed concurrently with a next generation engine designed to be fully optimized for the PS4. Check out the source for some of the more technical jargon.

It should also interest you that the game is not confirmed to be a PS4 exclusive, as was widely expected. In fact, we don’t know much about its exclusivity either way, but usually when a game is exclusive, it is marketed as such.

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  • swinny

    This game has only been confirmed for the PS4, and with Shuhei Yoshida strongly hinting that Demons Souls 2 is in development for PS4, and this game being set in a dark fantasy world with tough as nails gameplay, well you add 2+2 together.
    Its Demons Souls 2.

    • Nathaniel

      No it’s not.

      It’s an only online RPG.

      Defo not Demon’s Souls 2.

    • swinny

      There is NO confirmation that its always online. Alls we know is that it has some form of online. I’d be willing to bet money on this, its Demons Souls. Why would Sony have Capcom make some random RPG that looks exactly like a Souls game exclusively for their system if they already had Demons Souls 2 in development? Why!? This is not Sony’s style, they don’t make two of the same game at the same time, they always make sure there’s diversity.
      Seriously, think about it. If i have Demons Souls 2 in development, why would i pay Capcom to make a strikingly similar game? It doesn’t make any sense.


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